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Hip. Inexpensive. Quiet.

A friend is looking to have a b-day party for six. The criteria listed in the title of the post are his. He would prefer DTLA, but not beholden to it. The ideas I have thrown at him have been thwarted. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Hip and quiet are almost mutually exclusive these days, doesn't it seem like?

    How about Wood Spoon?

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    1. re: aching

      Any hip restaurant right when they open is probably quiet. The hipsters need to preparty on PBR before they can get out there.

      As such...Black Hogg?

      1. re: aching

        I would normally say that "hip" and "quiet" are indeed mutually exclusive, but I think the Wood Spoon is a great choice. It is VERY echo-y in there, but not particularly "loud," per se.

        1. re: ilysla

          I third Wood Spoon. Probably my favorite low key restaurant in downtown. Give it a shot--it stays quiet enough unless their is a huge party.

      2. "Hip. Inexpensive. Quiet."

        Aren't those 3 criteria mutually exclusive?

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        1. re: Servorg

          Exactly. It's a tall order. I'm flummoxed.

          1. re: djquinnc

            What about Baco Mercat? http://bacomercat.com/home.html How close would it come to the criteria? Or was that one of your thwarted ideas? Maybe you should list the discards so folks don't waste time suggesting them?

          2. re: Servorg

            it;s like good, cheap & fast where you get only 2 of the 3.

            1. re: barryc

              I work as a free-lance translator. When a client asks me to do a job 1) quickly, 2) with high quality and 3) very low-priced, I just tell him to "pick any two".

          3. Factory Kitchen? Heard it wasn't very loud, and seems relatively inexpensive.

                1. Factory Kitchen or Maccheroni. Factory Kitchen costs a bit more.

                  But he does know the 3 criteria are mutuallly exclusive.

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                    I really enjoyed Maccheroni but am not too sure it qualifies as hip.

                    1. re: set0312

                      I can see that. But it's in a grudgey part of DTLA, and there's the Biddy Mason "Park" right next to it. That's sorta hip, isn't it? Certainly as hip as Wood Spoon?

                  2. Animal at late hours (like 10-11PM) could fit the bill.

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                    1. re: kainzero

                      animal is not quiet, I suspect even when it is CLOSED it is loud.

                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          Good point, sounds like an anti-trifecta - it's hip qualities probably ran out a few years ago. And I don't need Mr. Taster to me that "hipsters" do not go to places written about in National mags http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/20...

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                            I thought it was cheap because I went with some friends and we ordered family style. And it was quiet because there was no one else there.

                            Maybe I just didn't eat enough, lol.

                            Apparently I am not hip, have money management problems, and am hard of hearing. Thanks guys. =)

                        1. The formula is Hipsters = expensive + loud.

                          Even if you redefined one criteria to be "hip by Chinese standards", you could meet 2 of your 3 criteria by reining in the cost. But, I don't know of any Chinese restaurants which are quiet- hip or not.


                          Mr Taster

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                            C'mon - many Chinese restaurants are very quiet. I am thinking smaller, noodle/dumpling, tea houses etc. Most Sichuan's are pretty quiet too. Beijing Restaurant is quiet. Only the large Canto-Taiwanese, dim summaries, big Shanghai (SNN1 or Shanghailander) get cacophonous.

                              1. re: Thor123

                                That's actually not a bad idea, especially if they go during happy hour.

                                Mr Taster

                              2. re: Ciao Bob

                                You're right, Bob. That was too broad a statement.

                                What I had in my mind was that the trendy + inexpensive Chinese places are going to be full of kids with the Asiapop blaring and lots of loud chatter. JTYH has good food and is quiet, but is not trendy. Elite is cheap with good food, but not quiet (and not particularly hip). 85c is kind of hip with good food and cheap but definitely not quiet. You might hit up one of the quieter Ten Rens when kids are studying there, but they're not exactly known for their food.

                                Mr Taster

                                  1. re: Ciao Bob

                                    Was planning to head there tonight but just realized they're closed on Tuesdays, damn!

                                    Can I hold off until tomorrow?

                            1. How about Red Hill in Echo Park? Downtown-adjacent (with easier parking), hip without being attitudinal, and very tasty - they have this cauliflower appetizer that actually got me to like cauliflower, so that's saying something. Very well-thought-out wine and tap lists too.

                              Small room can be chatty-ambient but they don't blast music so I've never had a problem with hearing conversation there. Not dirt cheap but not ridiculous either.

                              1. Peking Kitchen. Alma. Macherroni Republic

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                                  Alma would likely be too $$ ($65 prix fixe)
                                  In addition to above recommendations, I'd suggest The Park in Echo Park. Low-key, but hip neighborhood feel, not noisy, very reasonable, interesting food. $10 corkage if want to bring own wine.
                                  Also, Cliff's Edge in Silverlake, but that's more $$ (check out menu to see if price range works). Great patio

                                  1. re: Searching4Dunny

                                    Other than its not inexpensive and the food sucks..

                                  2. Can you give us a price range, as 'inexpensive' means different things to different people......

                                    1. Hyperion Public. They have a restaurant and to the back, up the stairs, the bar, where food is served as well. Parking is a commodity in that area but they have off-street parking. Staff is friendly and they even remember your name, which is rare at hip spots