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Jan 14, 2014 09:33 AM

Rotisserie Georgette

After reading Adam Platt's, 'Where to Eat - 2014" in NY Magazine this month, I made a reservation at Rotisserie Georgette on East 60th St.

If you like DRY CHICKEN, and overly salted sauces, you will love the place. Otherwise, avoid, avoid, avoid. The restaurant specializes in roasting chicken, the menu is limited... so you would assume they would get the formulae correct. Apparently not.

Georgette, is as about as charming as a mad rattlesnake, so don't share your comments with her.

Chirping Chicken makes better chicken (take out) and dinner at home, including washing up is more pleasant that a night out at Rotisserie Rattlesnake...I mean, Georgette.

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  1. i found myself here a month ago as i was in the area and heard good things. in the end, i was being upsold all night by the waitstaff, the food is incredibly overpriced and had a completely mediocre meal.

    1. Thanks for the warning. I was so looking forward to trying Rotisserie Georgette since it's not too far from my office. Guess I'll stick with my favorite roast chicken at The NoMad instead.

      1. Sorry to expose the bad news. I, too was looking forward to trying the restaurant.
        Can't imagine what Georgette did previously that had anything to do with food or Boulud.

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        1. re: Gayle8m

          i think i just fell for the PR. i was under the impression it was a solid, casual, unpretentious dinner in the UES with a focus on food.

          it was none of those things. it's pretty much a casual place for the UES type that actually goes to cipriani and nello.

          im just mad at myself for falling for the hype.

          1. re: sam1

            Since I go to neither Cipriani nor Nello, guess I'm not the right clientele anyway.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I dunno Gayle.

            I was there a while back and sort of enjoyed my time (for lunch). Surprisingly, I did not partake of the chicken but instead tried the gnocchi (creamy and light), the roti sliders (sweet and tangy), and the stuffed potatoes (a bit salty).

            My biggest complaint was that the prices seemed a bit high, even for UES/MidtownE, and the service was spotty (some slack here given it is a newish place).