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Jan 14, 2014 08:32 AM

Unshelled Nuts, in Bulk - Pasadena-ish?

Looking for a source for unshelled nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds, peanuts) in bulk in the Pasadena area. (To feed to wildlife, though we humans will partake, too, I'm certain.) Any leads?

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  1. super king in glassel park and golden farms in glendale are the closest i can think of.

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    1. re: linus

      Looks like there's a Super King in Altadena, Linus - will definitely be checking them out. Thanks!

      1. re: ElsieDee

        Like their unshelled (but soft) almonds.

    2. .
      (sorry, read that as SHELLED!)

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      1. re: The Oracle

        *grinning* Thanks for replying, anyway. I appreciate you wanting to help me on this quest.

      2. Two places I know, neither in Pasadena, are Christopher Nuts in Van Nuys and Garvey Nut And Candy in Pico Rivera. Both sell in bulk cases.

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        1. re: boogiebaby

          Thanks, boogiebaby - I think Van Nuys is too far, but Pico Rivera is doable.

          1. re: Servorg

            Oh, good one, Servorg; I need to head that direction on Thursday and it looks like they do will calls! Thank you so much.

          2. Try these guys - primarily wholesale but will usually sell retail if you have cash: