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Jan 14, 2014 07:20 AM

I'm having a "senior moment" -- help me with this one, please.

What's the name of the mail order website that sells the English muffins that everyone raves about? Thanks!

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    1. re: ferret

      And I'd like to formally exclude myself from "everyone." I think they're overpriced Thomas' muffins - total waste of money.

      1. re: ferret

        As with so many thingsā€¦

        Emperor's new clothes.

        1. re: ferret

          A friend used to send me a Wolferman's gift package every Christmas. Ugh!! I can say nothing to recommend them. Thomas' is so much better.
          Actually, we'd break them apart and put into the bird feeder. The Blue Jays and squirrels loved them.
          At some point I thanked my friend and gave him a heads up. No more hockey puck muffins.

        2. I have never had these but would be willing to concede that these are the very best English Muffins in the world. Forged by God herself.

          But I will NEVER order these. Are you freakin' kidding me?? Mail order EM's?? And the prices?? Pass.

          As I like to say, "Somewhere P. T. Barnum is smiling."


          1. They are part of the Harry & David (unstable) empire. Which also curiously includes Cushman's.

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            1. re: ferret

              In this day and age when quality meat, produce, baked goods and sea food are available locally why use mail order? I guess it's the gift giving factor.
              We live 10 minutes from the ocean and several amazing fresh seafood markets. A good friend sent us a "Thank you" gift of Legal Seafood frozen "Clam Bake." Ugh!!
              It's the thought that counts.

              1. re: Motosport

                What thought was given to that gift??


                1. re: Davwud

                  He lives far from the coast in upstate NY, knows we like seafood and "thought" a Legal Seafood Clam Bake was a great choice. It does look amazing on their web site.

            2. Cindy...I assume it is the wolfermans site you wanted, but Bays muffins are soooooo much better and even better than Thomas's which I prefer to wolfermans.

              If you're buying for yourself, most of the local markets have them in the refrigerated section near the eggs. if for a gift,You can buy a fairly large amount through amazon ( with a hefty shipping charge to boot). Amazon also offers Thomas's and wolferman's.

              1. I was turned onto Bays English Muffins as a result of that thread and they are very good. Not super expensive just a bit harder to find (at least in my shopping area). I have never tried Wolferman's. I finally found the Bays at a specialty market in the dairy case, not the bread aisle.

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                1. re: HillJ

                  On your rec I picked up a package of Bays at Fairway NYC. They were good but could not compare with Thomas' I.M.H.O..
                  My biggest gripe is that they are pre-sliced and not "fork cut" so you lose all of the nooks and crannies. I love those nooks and crannies!!