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Jan 14, 2014 07:03 AM

Mingle on the Avenue coming to Saratoga

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  1. Roger K, thanks for the 311. Or should I say 518?

    Happy eating!

    1. Official opening is scheduled for June 1, 2014. Menu is here:

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        I was told tonight that their Soft Opening has been moved to June 2, 2014.

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          My wife and I were there during their first night, soft opening. While the service was friendly and well intentioned, it was apparent that staff were still familiarizing themselves with the new operation. The printed menu was abridged with four salads, four light fare, and six entrees. The dessert menu was verbalized with three or four items. The food was beautifully presented and delicious. I have a more detailed review on Yelp. We are looking forward to returning now that they have their liquor license, possibly even for lunch.

        2. Change in chefs announced for Mingle on the Avenue.

          1. We went to Mingle on the Avenue for a light supper last night. It is a pleasant space. There were a few other tables filled. While waiting for our food our waitress brought out complimentary “cassava rolls”. These were palm-sized, pale-colored puffy discs that were described as being gluten free and having ricotta cheese in them. They were very chewy, had very little flavor to them, and were not at all roll or biscuit-like. I have almost no experience with gluten-free breads so I can’t really judge them. [Note: when the party seated next to us received their cassava rolls the waitress said they had parmesan cheese in them. Not sure if they have multiple varieties or if one of the waitresses was incorrect.]

            As an appetizer, Husband ordered the Saigon Summer Rolls ($10). There were four small rolls each with one shrimp in them. They were served with a peanut dipping sauce. He said these were just “OK” and not worth ordering again because they are so easy to make better at home.

            For entrée, he ordered the Veggie Bahn Mi Sandwich ($12). He loved this. The bread was excellent and the vegetable filling very flavorful. I ordered the Korean Tacos with beef ($14). The beef in the tacos was excellent. Nicely spicy and tender. The tacos were topped with a radish kimchi that was nice if eaten on its own, but far too mild to stand up to the spicy meat. I liked the tacos a lot, but would have enjoyed them more with a more assertive kimchi.

            As a side note, I did ask the waitress if they were able to make the kimchi fries that their Albany location sometimes does. Sadly, the answer was no. They do have kimchi mashed potatoes, but it only comes with one of the entrees.

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              Thanks for the report, fisher. I have not been yet.