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Jan 14, 2014 07:00 AM

Post-wedding brunch on a budget

Hi hounders,
I'm getting married this June, and am trying to plan a post-wedding brunch for the day after since a lot of the guests are traveling from out of town. I'm hoping to keep costs as low as possible, since we're already paying for a whole wedding the night before.
A few requirements:
- Available saturday (bc the wedding is a friday) - timing is flexible, but probably around 11-1.
- Large - our wedding is for about 200 people, so I'm guessing the brunch will be about 100ish.
- Alcohol is not necessary
- indifferent between buffet, served, etc. But want more than just a continental breakfast (which is what our hotel offered us, for $60pp!).

I'm happy to go with something casual. My ideal would be to have a large space where we can bring in bagels, juice, fruit, etc but finding a large, inexpensive space in nyc is not so easy (my apartment definitely won't do!). Another idea is dim sum, but I'm not sure about where/prices. Doing it at a restaurant would also be good but hard to find one that's not too expensive. Any other ideas or suggestions you might have would be hugely appreciated.
Thank you!!

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  1. My two cents, and not at all responsive to your request: don't host a brunch for your wedding guests. You will just have gotten married on Friday. Do you really want to host another gathering of 100 people on Saturday? You're gonna be exhausted, and while you might want to get together with your closest family and friends, the gathering of 100 that sounds like a good idea now might not seem like such a good idea come Saturday morning. This is NYC: your out-of-town guests will have no trouble taking care of themselves.

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      while I totally agree, for my family this is non-negotiable. We have a lot of people flying in from out of the country, and my parents feel that we have to also plan a brunch. It's also part of the tradition in my family - everyone else who has gotten married has done one (as well as a lot of other events which I'm skipping b/c NYC is too damn expensive!). So I'm just trying to find a way to do it without having to spend a crazy amount of money!

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        I would do Dim Sum in Chinatown....I'm sure no one in your circles has done that before and it might come out to 20 bucks a head...even if they eat with expandable pants. Jing Fong can easily accommodate your 100+.

        The only problem with Dim Sum on the weekend is logistics....can you get them all there at the specified time and it would be rude to linger too long...But the latter allows for quick good-byes which may be good thing for everyone concerned.

        1. Where are most of the guests staying? Out of towners hate
          taking cabs, and with that many people you need a fleet.
          The Yale Club does a great brunch. Call and find out. You don't have to be a member if you know someone who went to Yale. OR... as the guests leave the wedding give them a pretty doggie bag with a bagel and lox, a black and white cookie and a juice and let them eat it Saturday at their leisure.

          1. Try Ben's Delicatessen on 38th street.

            1. A friend of mine just organized his birthday at Giovanni Rana Restaurant, it was 50 people but it could accomodate 100 and they made us a set menu with starters, main courses family style, dessert, coffee and wines for 65$ + tip per person.. I believe they would be happy to work on a smaller brunch menu for less then that..
              PS the location is beautiful..