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Jan 14, 2014 06:46 AM

West Springfield Sunday Jan 19th - looking for suggestions

Road tripping on sunday to West Springfied from providence. Wondering if anyone has a must try local gem out there for dinner. And cuisine will do, but I prefer mom & pop, fresh ingredients, inventive recipes and a good wine and beer selection. Thanks.

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  1. Tough sell in West Springfield, but you might try Bottega Cucina on Morgan Road near the big theater complex. Friendly folks and the food is pretty good, though it won't blow your mind.

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      1. I, too, was going to recommend Bottega Cucina. Based on a high recommendation from my foodie brother, we are headed there Friday night to try it out. If you don't mind crossing the river into Springfield, I would recommend The Student Prince for some delicious German food or Chef Wayne's Big Mamou (BYOB) for delicious cajun food. I haven't been to Chef Wayne's in a while, but always enjoyed the food . . . not much for atmosphere though.‎‎