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Jan 14, 2014 06:42 AM

The best non-pizza side items ranked at Domino's Pizza

I thought this list was kind of fun. I haven't tried many of the items on the list, but I have tried their #2 ranked cheesy bread. I have to admit, I would be happier eating that than pizza.

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  1. Well, their napkins certainly are absorbent, I'll give them that.

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    1. re: monkeyrotica

      The delivery guy also will draw an awesome alien inside your box lid if you ask on the online ordering.....

    2. My husband actually really likes the chicken habanero (sp?) sandwich. I'm embarrassed to admit we order D's way too much. They are only a few blocks up the street, I can order online and with 4 kids it's easy to shut them up after a long day at work :)

      1. I have to mistrust the list a little, as they loved, loved, loved every single thing they ate. It read like it was written by the Domino's marketing department. But considering their last push was "We suck less now!", maybe that's an improvement?

        I too would try the cheesy bread, but I won't touch the pizza.

        1. I used to be really into the cheesy bread many many years ago and then they changed the recipe.