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Jan 14, 2014 06:40 AM


Apparently I was reading too long and a car ad came up and said it would direct me back to the content in 30 sec. I choose not to and signed off, and IMMEDIATELY my computer blocked a malware. What gives ?

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  1. Amazing that 4 days later, no one in Engineering has even bothered to respond.

    1. It's entirely possible that the malware is on your computer, and had nothing to do with your visit to CH.

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        I ain't no IT genius but that would be my first guess. anybody else been surfing around with your equipment? somebody who 'trusts' any site who tells them they need to upgrade with a shady sounding security service? or a 'tween who downloads any game or app offered? that gave me a trojan that waited 3 months to the day to show up. I spent 20 minutes last week getting into my aunt's computer and another 20 minutes uninstalling junk. it'll be back the next time I visit. oh well. this is what family is for I suppose.