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Help me break out of my rut

Looking for some new "higher end" restaurants to try, I always go to the same places, and like them, but want to try some new places. New American/interesting flavor combos probably my cup of tea. My go to places, no 9, clio, journeyman, bergamont, harvest, eastern standard. went to menton recently, dont need to go back, nothing wrong, but nothing great for price point either. Been to trade, also no need to go back. Have not been to oya, just b/c of all that boston mag controversy a few years back, maybe I should get over it? TW food seems interesting, have not been. Anything else? thx hounds!

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  1. My dining dollars are focused around Kendall. The two higher end places we frequent are Catalyst and West Bridge.

      1. Not sure what the Boston Magazine controversy around O Ya was, but I certainly enjoyed the omakase when I went.

        It might not be 'high end' enough, but maybe Hungry Mother?

        Went to Salts recently and enjoyed the food, though the service was sort of laughably over-the-top pretentious, as if the server had been watching a lot of Top Chef.

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            Oh, that hatchet job from six years ago? Yeesh. Well, it doesn't change the fact that they serve some fine bites of food. I still rank their foie gras sushi as the best thing I've eaten in Boston.

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              Couldn't agree more. There's one high profile local chef who I know to be an awful human being. He also happens to cook one of my favorite dishes in town, so I still go to his restaurant. It seems silly to not go to a place based on a magazine article from six years ago.

        1. I would definitely get over it and go to O Ya, also I like Island Creek Oyster and Sycamore in Newton.

          1. Maybe try places that are a little less New American:
            East by Northeast?

            1. I think TW Food and Asta would be worth a visit.

              As far as O Ya, here is a more recent review than the Boston mag piece a while back:


              I found O Ya to be the type of place where "value" has to be thrown out the window. If you enjoy it for what it is and truly put the cost out of your mind, you'll have a great time. If you start comparing the cost of a meal there to other high-end temples of gastronomy around the country (or world), you may end up being a little more sinnacle about the experience, and may even find it a rip off. But what has to be kept in mind is how big the menu is and the cost to keep a menu of that size running at that quality level. I think the writer was a little too focused on price in this piece, but it still may be helpful in providing a recent report.

                1. Bistro/bistro-like:
                  island creek oyster
                  tw food

                  A horizontal move:
                  o ya
                  l'espalier chef's table

                  Don't bother:
                  hungry mother
                  ten tables cambridge

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                    Just out of curiosity, why is Hungry Mother on the don't bother list? I haven't been in a while but always loved it. (I do agree about Ten Tables and (especially) Bondir, though.)

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                      I like Hungry Mother for a drink and snacks at the bar, but for dinner it's a toss up. I've always enjoyed what I've eaten, however rarely is there more than one entrée on the menu that I'm interested in, portions can be small and sometimes they seem overpriced.

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                        Nice clarification; I wondered the same.

                  2. It's been a while since I went to Lumiere, but I'd have put it on this type of list. Maybe Troquet, too - Troquet's food isn't four-star, but it's solid and decent while you play in the wine cellar.

                    Oh, and Oleana.

                    1. Gonna try asta, sounds right at my sweet spot. Thanks CH-ers.

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                        Please report back. Have a great time!

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                          hope I didn't steer you wrong: we enjoyed it and it seemed to fit your other pleasures. Do report back.

                        2. Oleana, Myers & Chang, Bronwyn?