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Jan 14, 2014 06:01 AM

Dining around McMenamin's Kennedy School?

We're visiting our daughter soon and would like to find some good places in this area. She's vegan, we're not. TIA~

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  1. 30th and Killingsworth has some good options like Cocette, DOC, Beast, Expatriate, and Autentica. Alberta Street from 30th to 15th is full of choices, especially vegan options.

    1. The Bye and Bye at 10th and Alberta is vegan, but the food is quite good; take it from this omnivore. Good drinks, too, and cozy atmosphere.

      1. Natural Selection:

        At least half of the menu is vegan on any given evening, the rest of the menu is vegetarian. I have not been but I know many omnivores who are happy to dine here. It is the only "finer dining" option.

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          That looks really good, Jill & Courtney! Thanks for the tips.