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Jan 13, 2014 11:06 PM

Buffet that has frog legs

I love this deep fried goodness.I'm looking for a buffet that has good ones, so far I've had no luck at Fulam and at Vichy (although it is listed on their menu maybe they were just out).

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  1. a hundred years ago when I tried Vichy they did have frogs legs. you better give them a call next time.

    1. Jardin Tiki, 5300 Sherbrooke Est,

      1. I went to Casa Corfu in October, and they had some.

        1. Buffet Fu Lam on Sources had them 2 Friday's ago

          1. If anyone else is interested, I found them at fulam but they were not like I enjoy them, they had too little breading and too much oil.

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              Does anyone serve them other than fried? I am not a fan of fried frog legs, but I wouldn't mind trying another preparation.