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Jan 13, 2014 10:56 PM

Can You Help Me Find a 1980's Claiborne/Franey Recipe?

I have had no luck after googling for hours, so I thought I'd ask here! I am looking for a recipe for a Zucchini Quiche (but not sure that is the title) made with sour cream iirc. I xeroxed it back in the '80's but that xerox has been missing for yrs as I continue to look for it....
I have a hunch it was Claiborne/Franey but that is not certain. I DO still have a xerox of another recipe from the same book but there's no book title on the page. Here's a description of the xerox I do have:
The recipe xerox I do have is
Manicotti with Creamed Chicken and Almonds pg.121. It came from a book about the size of half a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. The recipes are not isolated to their own page; this manicotti recipe starts in the middle of pg.120, with the end of the previous recipe located above it, continued from pg.119. All the recipe ingredients are printed in Italics.

The header on the right page of the Manicotti recipe (pg.121) says "April 18, Pawling"

I have a sense (not proven) that this cookbook had "Weekend" or "Summer" in the title.

Might any of you be able to help find the Zucchini Quiche recipe ? I would be so grateful, and Happy to return the favor any time! Th you!

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  1. I was able to google it. Try Clairborne zucchini quiche or zucchini a versatile vegetable with Craig Clairborne with Pierre Franey

    It is a newspaper clipping with 3-4 recipes

    I am using a phone and don't know how to link it

    I did find several requests for the recipe, was that you?

    1. If the recipe you are looking for contained these ingredients: Parmesan cheese, heavy cream, zucchini, eggs, deli ham & pastry pie shells... then you'll find the recipe in The New New York Times Cookbook by Craig Claiborne and Pierre Franey (which was published in 1980). I don't have that particular cookbook. But doing a search on my computer, it was the ONLY cookbook that contained both recipes for Manicotti with Creamed Chicken and Almonds and zucchini quiche. Hope this turns out to be helpful to you.

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        lois and alan, want to thank you both. the quiche i'm looking for has a dominant tart feature- sour cream or yoghurt iirc, ,so these recipe aren't the one, but what i want to know is -HOW did you find the names of the recipes in the New New York Times Ckbk? I didn't get anywhere w/ indexes for any of CC's books at amazon, so what route did you take? Thx so much again.

        yes alan, that was me asking the same question last year!

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          I started by putting in a search for the recipe you knew was from the same cookbook (Manicotti with Creamed Chicken and Almonds) One of the sites I found it on was I have been on that site before & know they list the names of recipes plus the ingredients for each one. I scrolled through the recipes in the cookbook they said had the creamed chicken recipe. I found listed a zucchini quiche in that cookbook. I then wrote you the name of the cookbook, year printed, & list of ingredients for the zucchini quiche.

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            Yes, i'm looking thru that site now, but am having a bit of trouble. we don't have to join/subscribe? to be able to research it? the one thing that reinforces my hunch that it is a CC/franey recipe is that the SiZE of those 60 minute Gourmet books is as i described... I'm wondering if it's from CC's Diet book. I know that location "April 18, Pawling" printed at the top of the right hand pages- must be a dead give away but i don't know to what book! Th you again.

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              Well, does the cookbook look familiar? Here's a link for the purchase of it on Amazon.

              Or this one:

              1. re: i_am_Lois

                no, just went through all the Diet Book's listed recipes on Eatbooks, and it's not there. i'll keep looking tomorrow. thk you lois.

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            maybe this is helpful as a start: a sour cream pastry for the quiche shell?

        2. In his New York Times Cookbook, from 1961, there is an Egg and Spinach Pie that has sour cream. It would be easy to sub zucchini here. There are several quiche recipes immediately preceding this but they all use milk and cream.

          Pastry for one 8" pie
          1 lb spinach, cooked
          4 eggs
          1 cup sour cream
          3/4 cup soft bread crumbs
          1 Tbsp butter, melted
          2 Tbsp grated cheese (optional)

          If this sounds right I can type out the instructions too.

          1. I just found one for quiche with zucchini and ham. Could that be it? It's on P. 109 of The New New York Times Cookbook (Claiborne/Frainey). There is no sour cream in the recipe though.

            1. Do you remember any other ingredients in the quiche recipe? Like for instance, did it have a certain herb or some other ingredient like mushrooms. I have seen some using sour cream that call for dill.

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                The deal breaker is the Italics of the recipe ingredients and the location and date at the top of each page. CH berheenia (b, you are a jewel!) and amysarah on food52 both think the Memorable Meals and the SERIES of CC's Favorites from the NYTimes- have the location and date headers, so now i need to find the 6 or so in that series and look at their index for Zucchini. It had something tart in the custard- sour cream or yoghurt- and i don't remember if it had dill or other herbs. It sounds like the Manicotti with Chicken and Almonds is also from that Favorites series, so maybe it and the zucchini quiche recipe are in different books in the series..... Whew!

                Anyone have any of those books? might you look in the index? Thx so much- the Quest goes on!!

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  I don't have any of those books...but I love doing research. And I love cookbooks/recipes. So I especially love researching cookbooks. I've been looking through some of Claiborne cookbooks on openlibrary for you. Just because I can.

                  Please post if you think of any other key ingredients or hints to search under.

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                    There are several different volumes available on Ebay for pretty cheap. If no one here has copies, you might just message some of the Ebay sellers and ask if their volume contains that recipe.


                    1. re: gmm

                      Ha I would charge the buyer double for that information ;-) don't worry, I'm just kidding.

                    2. re: opinionatedchef

                      I have Craig Claiborne's Favorites Series II and the index references Series I in italics. 'Manicotti with Chicken and Almonds' is listed in italics but no quiche or tart or zucchini listing comes even close.

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                        Not sure if this Amazon page is showing your search or mine. I have three of Craig's books: The first New York Times Cookbook circa 1961, Cooking with Craig Claiborne and Pierre Franey (1983) and then another by Craig and Virginia Lee, Chinese which obviously won't help. The only quiche/pie/tart I can find with sour cream is the recipe above, hoping you get lucky! Did he ever repeat himself in various volumes, I wonder?