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Jan 13, 2014 10:01 PM

Trip Report - Tokyo

Managed to score lunch at 2 Sushiya's on my recent New Years trip.

First was Sushiko Honten @ Ginza. We were lucky to be served by the owner Sugiyama-san who offered us a special lunch menu as opposed to a sushi omakase set. In a word, it was an incredible meal with styles and textures I had never experienced. Rice was al dente and warm. Good attention was paid to sizing for the female members of the group as well. I would consider this an excellent meal! price per pax was about USD250/- per head including sake and beer

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  1. Second was at Sushiya IchiYanagi also @ Ginza. A more traditional meal with a lunch Omakase set about USD120 per head for 15 pieces.

    In this meal, less empahsis on preparation but more on ingredients so less cooking and grilling . Ikura and uni was some of the best I have ever eaten and the chef was at great pains to explain that they only sourced the best of the best. No complaints. Similar I would say in style to Kanaseka. Overall meal balance was I think better at Kanaseka given the similar styles.