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Jan 13, 2014 09:14 PM

Vancouver 3 nights // Whistler recommendations

I'm heading to Vancouver from SF...I'm looking for one or two dinner suggestions, as well as a lunch and a breakfast recommendation in Vancouver. Cheap and cheerful independent and/or locally sourced would be our preference, emphasis on especially as we'll be in Whistler for a few days. We want good and authentic food at a fair price.

Is Vij's still outstanding or has it been replaced by another better/hipper Indian restaurant?
What should we not miss? Is Guu worth going to? Is the menu the same? Original, Garlic or Otokomae?
Is Alibi room good (great for craft beer, no)? Can we take small children? (perhaps if we go really early?)
Is Choux choux charcuterie still around?
We'll be staying off of Hornby St, near the Burrard skytrain. We don't mind a walk.

Whistler (staying in Blackcomb)
I presume we'll be cooking in and early to bed on several evenings as our smallies will be skiing all day, but it would be good to know of a few places to go - where the food is good (or great even!) and fairly priced!

BTW,- We have 2 smallish children...who are good w ethnic food and well behaved.

Thanks for your suggestions. Many of the postings for Vancouver look quite old.

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  1. Vij's still outstanding, still a wait. Indian is generally weak otherwise.

    Guu with Garlic is the most fun. Menus vary by location.

    Alibi great for beer (try a bat). I have found the food meh enough to stop ordering it. I believe no kids re the licence they have but you'd have to call.

    Choux Choux is in Victoria.

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      Medina for breakfast (weekdays better for lineups)

      1. re: grayelf

        Alibi is fine for kids (you see them there frequently), but yes, go earlier to avoid the heavier drinking crowd.

        1. re: peter.v

          Oh oh, does that mean I'm a heavy drinker? ;-)

          1. re: grayelf

            I was speaking more about myself perhaps.

          2. re: peter.v

            Do the heavy drinkers frown upon children drinking heavily?
            Thanks. It's always hard to tell what goes in various cities, and what type of an establishment it might be. Brew pubs here are fine for children, before say...8pm.

          3. re: grayelf

            Thanks. Just booked a table at Guu w Garlic.
            Sounds like Alibi is a good place for a saturday afternoon when we need a little rest...and a nice beverage for adults!

          4. "Cheap and cheerful independent and/or locally sourced would be our preference"

            Hi Weezy,

            One unique (to Vancouver) place near you is an Aussie pub resto called Moose's Down Under Bar & Grill (in daytime is quite fam-friendly, no rowdies throwing Fosters at each other). We happened upon there over the holidays for a quick lunch. Kiddo was amused by the decor, paraphernalia and funny-sounding menu items. Nothing really foodie, but just a fun place and change from the usual:


            I had the kangaroo burger, to the chagrin of our kiddo: "you ate WHAT ???" but was followed by a curious: "so Dad, was it good ?" Actually it was pretty good, and lean.

            1. There's also Cartems Donuterie on Pender just east of Seymour, for a bit of sweet treats for the kids: