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Jan 13, 2014 07:57 PM

reception for 12 in la jolla

night before a beach wedding, open as far as cuisine goes. not too far from La Valencia would be great. wedding dinner looks like a seafood/steak place.

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    1. re: honkman

      Second Georges and add Eddie V's.

      1. re: DoctorChow

        actually all 3 look great. the wedding dinner is at eddie v's. bride's side dealing with that.

      2. re: honkman

        these both look great. i guess a research roadtrip is in order.

      3. George's is a great suggestion. I would also consider La Valencia itself. Chef Daniel Barron is very talented and enthusiastic, I'm sure he would be open to creating a great menu for your party based on the group's preferences. I would recommend eating on one of the outdoor patios (the back patio if it is a warm night, or front patio has plenty of heat lamps and ambiance on a cooler evening.

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        1. George's at the Cove
          Manhattans of LJ

          Marine Room for drinks before sunset is great with high tide, waves splashing on the floor to ceiling glass.
          Have fun in LJ..