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Jan 13, 2014 07:51 PM

Anniversary dinner in Boca, Coral Springs?

We'll be in town in early February for our anniversary. We met and lived in Delray Beach before relocating to North Carolina. Any recommendation between Coral Springs as far north as Boynton, maybe? We're staying at the Marriott at Boca Town Center to be near family.

I'm a food blogger and used to cover the area but things change fast. I've been thinking maybe some amazing Cuban (as we really miss that), maybe something waterside, or something just really delicious?


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  1. We like Casa D'Angelo on Palmetto Park in Boca Raton.

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    1. re: meb903

      Yes, good idea. Cucina D'Angelo used to be my favorite restaurant when it was around. Same owners, right?

    2. 32 East in Delray Beach is an excellent place for an anniversary celebration. The best in Delray Beach. Very good food and service. Outside dining on Atlantic Avenue if you wish. Interesting wine list.

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        Thanks for the 32 East reco. We have been there before but I am glad we didn't choose an Atlantic Ave option on Sunday night since it turned out to be Garlic fest and it was crowded and really loud, especially at 32 East, which is where the heart of things were.

      2. Jozef's Table, Boca. The Grove, Delray. 32 East is great,too.

        1. My husband has now said he wants seafood. So the in-laws recommended chart house. There are a number of options for waterfront, I'm guessing we'll eat there unless we get any other strong waterfront recommendations.

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          1. re: panthur


            You asked for between Coral Springs and Boynton...

            Chart House is in Fort Lauderdale, and a national chain. It might be fine but I would imagine nothing spectacular.

            There's surpisingly, nothing of note on the water, in your original search area.

            Is the priority a waterfront location, or great, local, chef/owner prepared seafood?

            And is the scope now between Ft Laud and Palm Beach?

            Because that would help a lot...

            1. re: CFByrne

              We went to chart house which was underwhelming for service and food. But by the time we decided i was tired of researching.

          2. Demandy-
            I'm in the same position as you are - going to be in the Delray/Boca area over my anniversary in March and wondering where to go. After reading these suggestions - and I'm not dissing the kind people who made recommendations - we're thinking about delaying the celebration until we get back home.

            One of the recommended restaurants has a $26 vegan "bolognese." For that kind of money we can go to Stanbury and get a steak or anything else on their delicious menu.

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            1. re: rockycat

              So let's make sure we understand...

              You are looking for a special anniversary dinner. And you think $26 is too much for an entrée.

              Is that right?

              Also... I did not reco these - but just curious - what about these makes you think you would be better off "back home"?

              >Jozef's Table, The Grove, 32 East, Casa D'Angelo

              1. re: CFByrne

                For one thing, I know the restaurants in my home area and even those run by nationally recognized chefs and/or James Beard winners do not charge those prices for meatless entrees.

                Second, since when does really high price equal high quality?

                So yes, we do understand. I do not believe high prices make for a great restaurant And I also do not believe that you or anyone else is in a position to judge what I can and cannot afford to pay for meal out.

                1. re: rockycat

                  High price certainly does not necessarily equal high quality.

                  However, the point is, if someone is balking about the idea of spending $26 for a "special dinner", then that is good information for us to have beforehand, so we could help you further with less expensive options.

                  I think 99% of folks would agree that when one is initially asking about "special dinner" or "celebration", that means that money is not high on the priority list for that particular request.

                  BTW you didn't mention what you found undesirable about all the other recommendations. As you put it,

                  "After reading these suggestions - and I'm not dissing the kind people who made recommendations - we're thinking about delaying the celebration until we get back home."

                  Others will benefit if you can elaborate... Thanks.

              2. re: rockycat

                My strongest recommendation to you is to either A) take advantage of early bird specials or happy hours, which exist everywhere, especially on weeknights, and consider wandering a nice walkable stretch of Atlantic Ave in Delray or elsewhere, getting a drink and an app at each place or B) hit up a more casual place for some great Cuban food or other food you won't find at home. That's what I wish we did. The waterfront dining experience is nice but I would have preferred to be oceanfront during the day to being intracoastal at night. We've been to JB's on the Beach in Deerfield and really enjoyed it. But yes, generally you'll pay a premium here in FL for the atmosphere vs the food. The divey local places are more fun.

                We did make sure to get some REAL corned beef hash and eggs and good bagels twice while we're down here (at almost any deli or breakfast place in Boca/Delray) which I was terribly craving also. So I'd recommend a visit to a real Jewish deli if you're into that sort of thing. My research led me to save Ben's Kosher Deli, although we used to eat a lot at any one of the Bagel places.

                1. re: panthur

                  Boy, I haven't had decent corned beef hash in I can't remember how long. We always hit up a deli. Problem is, my MIL has her favorites which don't necessarily coincide with ours. We end up doing a lot of acquiescing rather than compromising. That's clearly our problem, not the fault of any restaurant.

                  Our current plan is to try to get together with come cousins in N. Miami Beach and let them recommend a place to go. We're generally more in synch with them than with in-laws.