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Jan 13, 2014 07:43 PM

pok pok brooklyn

I loved the music at Pok Pok Brooklyn.

Classic Asian pop, Thai to be specific was a delight, as I ate dishes that were good, hot and hot hot.

I do recommend the ground pork...minced, with fried shallots etc.

The pork belly, well the flavor was ok.

I like ethnic restaurants that serve the locals living here from that ethnicity region, and I did not notice any.

The customers were mostly white college educated professionals, using napkins to wipe their noses due to the heat of the food.

It was a 5.

Next time, sitting at the bar would be more appealing. Apply much beer, while eating the spiced hot dishes on a stool.

Nice atmosphere, but I would call it a lounge / shooter bar, with a full menu.

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  1. "it was a 5"

    can you clarify what "it" refers to, and also how many points are on your scale?

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    1. re: tex.s.toast

      There are 10 to 12 points on my scale.

      It was a fave due to the flavor, after eating, towards the end of the dish, there is a lingering of ingredients that just sit idle.

      The pork belly or was it shoulder...(?).... did was not such a sustainable flavorful dish.

      The minced pork fared much better, for I might say, maybe, that its preparation and ingredients are skillet prepared, as opposed to a meat stewed in sauce, and minced, making the flavors less concentrated. With the thick sauce found in the pork chunks, I was not so impressed.

      It certainly is above the majority of Thai places, the ubiquity alone should be cause for alarm.

      I was more impressed with this shop than the owner's Manhattan noodle place.

    2. I like ethnic restaurants that serve the locals living here from that ethnicity region, and I did not notice any.

      Well since the ethnicity region of the chef/owner of Pok Pok is white guy from Vermont, I guess its hard to pick out that particular ethnic group from a bunch of "mostly white college educated professionals" since they're well camoflaged in that group. That's why you didn't notice any. LOL

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      1. re: Bkeats

        If Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield were there,
        I'd ask for autographs. ; - )

        1. re: Cheese Boy

          They dis have dessert. I never eat such.

          But it was very proper for the waiter to ask.

          The beer is good.

          Beer Lao Dark

          Asahi Dark and the other, I am quite sure.

          I had them both.

          Some others to satisfy other tastes, are offered to..euro imports and a craft beer or two.

        2. re: Bkeats

          I do have to say, the music did the trick of the transporting affect. I would have disliked hearing Phish, thus the transporting would be to dreadlocks and hackisacks in Burlington.

        3. You love the music, but don't mention the wings?

          I sense a missed opportunity, but if you only give it a "5", perhaps this place is not for you?

          1. Got there at 6:30 on Saturday night and was told there would be a 2 hour wait; naturally we left.
            The one thing I don't understand is that there was no actual line. Do they take you name and tell you to come back? How does that work?

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            1. re: psnative

              They take your number and send you a text or call when your table is ready

              1. re: psnative

                I frankly feel that the Thai craze is totally overrated, and yes, defined as a 'craze'.

                I cannot say that my mouth was anywhere near the highly elevated sensations that it had been in, when I devoured food in the following venues:

                -Spicy Bamba 'Spicy Pot 望江楼' Brooklyn (intestine clay pot)

                -Rocoto, Peruvian Cuisine (Cow feet with potato/beef tripe and potato) 179 Street and Hillside Ave, Queens.

                -Don Francisco Restaurant Junction Blvd, Corona Queens (Ecuadorian Cow Feet Caldo de pata )

                I have yet to be overwhelmed by flavor, and taste at Thai trend venues.

                I may have to reinstate my personal mandate against eating in Thai restaurants anywhere in the USA.