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Jan 13, 2014 07:33 PM

G by Mike Isabella - Report

Tried out this sandwich shop, daytime hours only, around the corner from its daddy restaurant, Kapnos. Sampled two sandwich from the wood-roasted section: suckling pig and goat.

The goat is a cynical sandwich. It's expensive and feels like eating scraps that might normally be thrown away - maybe from dinner the night before. It is served with a thick slather of lemon, oregano and potatoes that completely masks any meat flavor. A bite with or without meat tastes pretty much the same. So I pulled out a piece of meat (more like gristle) and even without the bread it tastes just of the sauce.

The suckling pig is pretty low on meat, but fares a little better. The meat is still overwhelmed by the sauce and was a touch dry.

At $13 a piece, these were modest sandwiches completely lacking the quality of Kapnos. Tried two house-flavored sodas ($4 each), and both were underwhelming. They need more sparkle and more spice.

Quite a depressing and expensive lunch.

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  1. I believe that was the original intent, using leftovers for sandwiches.

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    1. re: Worldwide Diner

      Would have loved to see the press release on that. Maybe it's the latest trend, restaurants that serve only leftovers....

      1. re: Steve

        Forgot where I read it but the original intent was to serve leftover lamb from Kapnos but I think the article said they're doing so well now that they cook lamb just for the sandwiches.

    2. I guess it didn't hit, ahem, the Spot for you?

      1. Reminds me of Spike's Sixth & Rye food truck: scraps of meat, too much condiment, ridiculous pricetag.

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          1. re: Steve

            I'm pretty sure Sixth & Rye closed down at the end of that summer and never served again.

        1. I was wondering how the actual sandwiches were here after we enjoyed a spectacular "Feast of the Seven Fishes" dinner right before Christmas. One of the best seafood salads I ever ate, among other things. It was only offered for a few nights.

          Anyway, sorry about your experience.I would definitely go back for one of the tasting menus at dinner, though. Great service, too.

          1. I was there the first day it was open ($5) and we had the goat and the pig, both were really good. I hope what you had is not the new norm.