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Most frequently used kitchen tool?

I'm building up my kitchen and already have a lot of the traditional tools and cookware. But what is something that you use most in your kitchen for a wide variety of reasons, surprising or painfully obvious? Right now, mine is looking like my flat whisk- I use is constantly. What can you not go without in your kitchen?

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  1. My 8" OXO locking tongs, I use them everyday, my favorite tool

    1. It has to be tools for me.Knife,spoon,spatula,tongs,saute pan,pot with a lid,enameled cast iron dutch oven,and my hands.I consider pots and pans as tools.

      1. A knife, and my Chinese vegetable knife is the one I use most.

        1. I can cook anything with my wooden spoons, vintage Ecko spatula (turner) and my locking tongs.

          1. cutting boards. 2 knives: serrated and 6" chef (all purpose). i would also like to include olive oil, since i can use it to not only cook with, but to clean all the stainless appliances and countertop if needed...

            1. Dishwasher. . .

              Otherwise I just got the Rikon silicone edge fish spatula, so I can use it with my non-stick and enameled cookware. I loved it so much I bought another one.

              Or my potato masher, but that's cause my 2 year old likes to "mash" things when she's "helping" me cook. Then she gets to sit down and lick it afterwords, so I've mashed marinara to get a minute or two of quiet.

              1. An immersion blender, lemon press, and small food processor.

                1. Hi, SS:

                  Of all my kitchen tools, great and small, I use my 10" Euro-style chef's knife and one particular cheap bamboo spatula (in the shape of a cricket bat) the most.

                  Limiting your question to pans, it would be a tie between a copper 8" round gratin/roaster and my 11" copper saute. A 10" skillet takes 3rd.


                  1. Once I brought my blowtorch in from the garage, I found that I'm now using it all the time.

                    1. Other than knives, cutting boards, and cookng utensils, I would have to go with silicone spatulas for cooking.

                      1. My garlic press. I love fresh garlic in EVERYTHING. (Yep, even ice cream.)

                        1. apart from knifes, and other "cutting" paraphernalia: silicon spatula, a good peeler, tongs which fit my hands, a reasonable sheet pan.

                          1. What is the definition of a "tool"?

                            If we include everything, then I will say that my most used tool is my kitchen knife and cutting board.

                            If we mean something on the unusual side, then I will say I have been using a fine mesh skimmer quiet a bit in the last month (I really didn't use much of it until about a month ago).

                            1. A round cast iron griddle.
                              A Thermapen.

                              1. The most obvious tools: my kitchen knives and pans. The less intuitive ones: tongs, pepper grinder, rolling pin.

                                1. A converted hand soap foam dispenser. Changed it to diluted dish soap. It's so handy next to the sink for a one handed press for a little soap foam to quickly wash a dish or get grease off your hands. The dish soap is diluted with water quite a bit so it foams and flows and doesn't gum up the works, but so handy! Can't get along without it now.
                                  Also, an Opinel stainless paring knife. It has a very thin blade. Use it constantly, it has a wood handle so doesn't go in the dishwasher and stays super sharp.

                                  1. Spoonulas. I use the rubber one daily to clean the coffee grounds out of the French press into the compost container.

                                    The big silicone one goes into use whenever I'm transferring something from one container to another. It minimizes waste and leaves the original container much easier to clean. Also does a great job when combining ingredients, as you can get down along the sides and base of the bowl and move a lot of volume with only a few strokes.

                                      1. Without a doubt a flexible cutting board. Makes a great funnel for dry goods going into jars, great for sorting stuff when you have to clean legumes. They seem to get busted out almost every time I cook.

                                        1. Virtually all cooking, no matter what I plan to do with the food starts with a chef's knife and my cutting board. So that would have to be it.

                                          1. Other than the obvious chef's knife and cutting board, my other two tools I use the most are the Oxo locking tongs, and a bamboo flat spatula with a red dipped handle. I got it at West Elm last year but it appears they don't sell them anymore.

                                            1. There are lots of things I can't or wouldn't want to live without but probably the oddest is my Feemster. I've had one since the sixties and recently ordered a couple more only because I could. The original is still super sharp.


                                              1. I use a lot of fresh minced garlic in my cooking and this little device has proven to be very very good at doing the job. Easy to clean, too.

                                                1. I wish my most used kitchen tools were the entire collection of stainless Oneida that I look at hanging every time that I'm at my local WM, plus 3 or 4 entire sets of Oneida eating utensils. Lol. At least I have their small and large spatulas so far :) Maybe a spoon this paycheck :)

                                                  But anyways, I don't think I can pick just one tool. Perhaps my wooden and bamboo and stainless spatulas. Or wooden spoons. Or the grease rag for Crisco for the final step of cleaning cast iron. Or the coffee maker :)

                                                  1. a handful of tasting spoons. I got a set of 12 random teaspoons from Amazon for like $6.

                                                    1. A knife, a wok and a mortar and pestle. One or all of these get used at least once a day in my kitchen.

                                                      1. My knives first and foremost. I favor the chef, utility, and paring. I also couldn't do without my long wooden spoons and my tongs.

                                                        1. Cutting board, chefs knife, and bread knife, in that order. Close behind would be tongs, wooden spatula, and flat whisk. From there a sizeable drop to various types of spoons. That is all not counting pots, pans, bowls, etc. as tools.

                                                          1. My chefs knife, a balloon whisk and a Rubbermaid spatula.

                                                            1. Metal tongs! Like a heat safe extra pair of hands : )

                                                              Next up - flexible cutting boards. They give you an instantly clean work surface and can also act as a big funnel.

                                                              My microplane zester which I also use for garlic, cheese and spices.

                                                              I also adore my immersion (wand) blender.

                                                                1. Knives of various sizes, cutting boards(plastic/maple) of various sizes, tongs of various sizes and carbon steel pans...of various sizes :)

                                                                  1. I use my electric kettle and my French press coffee maker every single day that I am home. After that my chef's knife......2 cutting boards......vegetable peeler.....microplane grater...tongs.....whisk...and I also love my two old wooden spoons.I also use my wooden citrus juicing tool a lot. I like to do as much physical/manual interacting with my ingredients as possible so I rarely fire up the blender....mixer etc. here.

                                                                      1. Chef's knife, wooden spoons, tongs, wire whisk, measuring spoons, in that order...

                                                                        1. Borner V-Slicer. Or maybe the silicon stir fry spatula. Possibly my Chef Pro wet grinder. Or it might be my poly cutting boards, or the flexible cutting boards. Or my Dexter-Russel Chinese Cleaver. My kitchen scales. My Kuhn-Rikon Gripper jar opener.

                                                                          There isn't just one, I guess. There are several tools I can't/won't/don't want to do without.