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Jan 13, 2014 07:23 PM

Most frequently used kitchen tool?

I'm building up my kitchen and already have a lot of the traditional tools and cookware. But what is something that you use most in your kitchen for a wide variety of reasons, surprising or painfully obvious? Right now, mine is looking like my flat whisk- I use is constantly. What can you not go without in your kitchen?

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  1. My 8" OXO locking tongs, I use them everyday, my favorite tool

    1. It has to be tools for me.Knife,spoon,spatula,tongs,saute pan,pot with a lid,enameled cast iron dutch oven,and my hands.I consider pots and pans as tools.

      1. A knife, and my Chinese vegetable knife is the one I use most.

        1. I can cook anything with my wooden spoons, vintage Ecko spatula (turner) and my locking tongs.

          1. cutting boards. 2 knives: serrated and 6" chef (all purpose). i would also like to include olive oil, since i can use it to not only cook with, but to clean all the stainless appliances and countertop if needed...