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Jan 13, 2014 07:15 PM

corning visions skillet

i was just looking at a vintage site, and noticed a corning vision (glass) skillet. i never have had experience with the skillet - i've got a pot or two for my solar oven (which is the perfect vehicle for the dark glass). just curious - would that skillet act as a non-stick surface for cooking eggs?

{don't hate on vision: it really is a wonderful thing to cook with in a solar oven! can't even use my Le Creuset for that!}

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  1. My wife has one, but it's never occured to me to try to cook eggs in it. It's good for a couple of things, but not exclusively. I wouldn't get one expecting it to be nonstick. Do you cook eggs in a solar oven?

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      not fried eggs - but omlette/quiche type things. mostly casserole/slow cooker type dishes work well in a solar oven. it takes hours to cook something so eggs only work if you're going to check it every hour or so. fried eggs - can't imagine how that would work.

      so... still wondering if anyone has fried eggs in the vision skillet...

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        Hi, rmarisco: "...still wondering if anyone has fried eggs in the vision skillet..."

        You should ask our fellow Hound, ppllkk. S/he is one of the rare Visions zealots.


    2. No, I would not fry eggs on a normal stove using Visions. I've had some of this, back in the 1970s I think, and it was nothing but trouble. The glass doesn't heat uniformly or maybe it has some other problem. At any rate, my experience was not a happy one.

      I am not sure if you would cook your eggs in a solar oven. If you did, wouldn't they go bad before they were cooked?

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        yes, exactly... so (not to change the subject but..) when cooking something with eggs in a solar oven, you need to cook mixed (as in a quiche or frittata) and it has to be pretty thin, to cook quickly. depending on the day, it can be done. though, you're right, it's certainly not recommended for long-term cooking! i often am right by the solar oven, and we get some pretty intense temps in the summer, so i can pull it off if it's done quickly.

      2. Hi, rmarisco:

        No, it would be about as non-stick as unseasoned enameled cast iron.



        1. I found the skillet quite surly with eggs. The larger pots were pretty good boilers, though.

          1. The only Visions pan I had was a small sauce pan, which came with a nonstick coating. I don't recall ever trying eggs in it.