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corning visions skillet

i was just looking at a vintage site, and noticed a corning vision (glass) skillet. i never have had experience with the skillet - i've got a pot or two for my solar oven (which is the perfect vehicle for the dark glass). just curious - would that skillet act as a non-stick surface for cooking eggs?

{don't hate on vision: it really is a wonderful thing to cook with in a solar oven! can't even use my Le Creuset for that!}

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  1. My wife has one, but it's never occured to me to try to cook eggs in it. It's good for a couple of things, but not exclusively. I wouldn't get one expecting it to be nonstick. Do you cook eggs in a solar oven?

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      not fried eggs - but omlette/quiche type things. mostly casserole/slow cooker type dishes work well in a solar oven. it takes hours to cook something so eggs only work if you're going to check it every hour or so. fried eggs - can't imagine how that would work.

      so... still wondering if anyone has fried eggs in the vision skillet...

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        Hi, rmarisco: "...still wondering if anyone has fried eggs in the vision skillet..."

        You should ask our fellow Hound, ppllkk. S/he is one of the rare Visions zealots.


    2. No, I would not fry eggs on a normal stove using Visions. I've had some of this, back in the 1970s I think, and it was nothing but trouble. The glass doesn't heat uniformly or maybe it has some other problem. At any rate, my experience was not a happy one.

      I am not sure if you would cook your eggs in a solar oven. If you did, wouldn't they go bad before they were cooked?

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        yes, exactly... so (not to change the subject but..) when cooking something with eggs in a solar oven, you need to cook mixed (as in a quiche or frittata) and it has to be pretty thin, to cook quickly. depending on the day, it can be done. though, you're right, it's certainly not recommended for long-term cooking! i often am right by the solar oven, and we get some pretty intense temps in the summer, so i can pull it off if it's done quickly.

      2. Hi, rmarisco:

        No, it would be about as non-stick as unseasoned enameled cast iron.

        FYI: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7603...


        1. I found the skillet quite surly with eggs. The larger pots were pretty good boilers, though.

          1. The only Visions pan I had was a small sauce pan, which came with a nonstick coating. I don't recall ever trying eggs in it.

            1. Everything stuck to my Visions skillets -- eggs, bacon, everything.

              While I'll accept that Visions works well in a solar oven, it downright sucks as stovetop cookware, and it was a happy day indeed when I gave my set the heave-ho and replaced them with proper metal pots and pans.

              1. I'd say play with a pyrex pie pan first, to see. Like a tempered glass skillet without a handle.

                (Spray it with non stick, first.)

                You can pick them up used for $3 or under, or pay more for new if you feel flush : )

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                  Pyrex ovenware is not to be used on a stovetop. There is a warning about that on the Pyrex website.

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                    True, but this is not a stovetop. This is a solar oven.

                    Big dif.

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                      no no! i was wanting to use the skillet on stovetop! sorry for the confusion... i already use the pots in my solar oven, but a skillet would not be useable in a solar oven.
                      so, no, i won't be "playing" with a pyrex on the stove!!!!!

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                        Sorry for the confusion I caused!

                        I was replying to GGH1618's comment : )

                        Anyhoo, I bake no crust quiches in a pryex pie pan all the time, no sticking so, that's why I rec'd it. If you are nervous about sticking, why not a bit of non-stick spray or butter?

                2. <would that skillet act as a non-stick surface for cooking eggs?>

                  No. Vision cookware is pretty sticky in my experience.

                  1. i used to have such a skillet.
                    baked my eggplant parmesan in it.

                    eggplant, not eggs

                    1. We had a Corning Visions skillet in the 80's, along with the whole set. I remember trying to make pancakes. They didn't stick, but the heating was very uneven. We had an electric cooktop at the time and parts of the pancake were scorched and parts were raw dough.

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                          the only thing that I ever found that cooks well in Visions cookware is rice.

                          The cookware retains so much heat that the rice turns out light and fluffy every time...

                          .But absolutely nothing else comes out well.

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                            They also were good at simmering frozen vegetables. But I guess a metal bucket or large used soup can would work okay for that also. ;-)

                        2. As I recall, my little Visions skillet was the stickiest pan I've ever owned, bar none. Still, if you used a scent bit of butter it might work. Heat it slowly first, mine had hot spots, too.

                          1. The greatest thing about visions is that you can find the lids for cheap at flea markets. I use them for pots and pans that didn't come with a lid.

                            I used to make a mean beef stew in one of their pots - until the fateful day my SO left me, took a bunch of my stuff including my visions pot. What kind of monster steals a visions pot and a Nazareth album?