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Jan 13, 2014 07:01 PM

Lunch off I-93: Concord or Manchester

Next Monday, I expect to be driving down I-93 on my way to Boston and being in Concord or Manchester at lunch time. Any suggestions for a good quick, inexpensive lunch without having to drive too far off the highway? Last year about the same time, I drove into downtown Concord, and it seemed like everything was shut down because of the state holiday.

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  1. I've only been to The Common Man twice, but both times the food was better than national chains, and the hospitality was outstanding.

    I LOVE Chen Yang Li, which is just off 293 across from Macy's. It looks a lot more elegant than most Chinese restaurants but the prices are the same. They do a good version of General Tso's chicken, and have several special Americanized Chinese dishes I like, including Sunkist Scallops with Walnuts, and Two Brothers Special Shrimp.

    1. A couple of (fairly quick service) options that definitely won't leave you hungry, right off the highway:

      Concord - Beefside, on Manchester St. Order the Super Giant roast beef sandwich. Just tell the waitress you need to keep it quick, have your credit card ready when she brings the sandwich, and you'll be on your way.

      Hooksett - (exit 9S on 93) La Carreta, Mexican. Go into the bar area at the back and eat there. I recommend the order of 3 beef soft tacos.

      Either option will be inexpensive (less than $10).

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        Thanks for the rec. We stopped at Beefside between Montpelier and Boston and got some great sandwiches.

      2. Beefside is a great suggestion.
        The Sandwich Depot on Hall Street should also be fast, it's primarily take-out but has several small tables.

        1. Go to The Republic on Elm Street in Manchester.

          It's not inexpensive, I don't know how quick it is, but it is fabulous. You won't regret it.

          1. I like Republic in Manchester, Purple Finch in Bedford, Shira Kiku in Nashua.