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Jan 13, 2014 05:17 PM

Font Too Large on Tablet

Chowhound is the only site that appears with a huge font on my new tablet. It's quite irritating. I don't see anywhere for settings to be adjusted. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

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  1. I have a 7" tablet. With the Chrome browser, the default Chow view is 'mobile' which is too large (it probably is great on a 4" screen). But I can set a 'require desktop' option. On the Android Browser, the desktop size is the default.

    At least on this size tablet, the 'desktop' page is best viewed in landscape orientation, while the 'mobile' page is better in portrait orientation. Something in between would be nice, but I can live with the current options. A nice thing with 'mobile' is that the ads are simpler.

    I'm still learning to master the zoom gestures.

    1. Hi lmerchant15.

      What kind of tablet do you have, what browser are you using, and what version of the browser are you using?

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      1. re: Engineering

        Thanks for checking in. We have a Galaxy Tab 3 10" tablet. I use the Chrome browser. I would appreciate any help you can offer. I gave my wife the tablet for Christmas....and she is "sour" on it because of this problem.....arghh. I'm confident that it is a setttings issue. Any help would be appreciated.

        1. re: lmerchant15

          Based on my experience with a 7" tablet, and with a 10" netbook, I'd say you need to view Chow with the 'desktop' mode, not 'mobile'. Besides font size, the 'desktop' provides a lot more information

          1. re: lmerchant15

            Hi lmerchant15.

            I couldn't find anything in the Chrome settings to adjust font size, but as paulj mentions, viewing the "desktop" version of the site might help. (Tablets like the Galaxy Tab that you have are served our mobile site.) To do this, open Chrome and at the upper right of the browser you should see what looks like a vertical ellipsis (3 vertical dots). Touch that and a dropdown menu should appear. Near the bottom of the list is the option "Request desktop"--touch that and the page will refresh using the desktop display.

            I believe you'll have to make that choice every time you launch the browser, and it will only apply to the window you specifically set it in. For instance, if you open a new tab in Chrome, whatever page/site you go to will not have the "Request desktop" button checked in the browser settings.

            Hope that helps!

            1. re: DeborahL

              I've 4 android devices
              1/ Samsung galaxy s4 5" running 4.3
              2/ Asus Nexus 7" (2012 edition) running 4.4.2
              3/ Asus memo smart pad 10.1" running 4.2.1
              4/ Samsung note pro 12.2" running 4.4.2

              I'd love to see the ability in Chowhound settings to select and save the desktop as the default so as not to be served from the mobile site.
              Although, desktop selection works as described above there are other anomalies spawned that disturb other Web sites visited from the same tab. Sometimes, even on 12.2" other websites deliver a superior experience as mobile.

              Given that tablets are fast overtaking traditional desktop devices as a matter of consumer choice, I hope that Chowhound addresses this shortcoming as a priority.

              1. re: rosetown

                Glad that I found this thread. I'm also having this problem with an Android tablet. I am using a Samsung Tab 4 10 with 5.0.2.