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Jan 13, 2014 04:34 PM

slice of pizza anywhere near the financial district/downtown crossing?

Where you can one get a decent slice of pizza downtown? In the Downtown Crossing - South Station area. Anything? If there was an Otto's around there it would kill.

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  1. Try Casa Razdora at 115 water St

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    1. re: janzy

      +1 for Razdora, nice big slice that's quite good. I also like their subs as well

      1. re: devilham

        +2 for Razdora

        Their subs and specials are all good.

        It's become my "go to" Italian takeout lunch spot in the FD.

      2. re: janzy

        It's a great "slice" that is 1/4 of a 16" pie at $4 - either cheese or soppressata (pepperoni-like) - no other toppings or options - and they do run out. It is in the heart of the Financial District - a 10-minute walk from South Station / Downtown Crossing - other pizza around this area is not good - go to Regina's in South Station if the walk is too far

      3. Pavia also has slices - get the thin crust.

        1. There is really a hole in the market for good slices in that area. I like Casa Razdora too. Viga is decent enough. Can always hit the Regina's in South Station too.

          1. A few weeks ago, I checked out Crush Pizza. They serve you individual sized pizza from a wood oven. A little overpriced at $10 or slightly more (if you get toppings, specialty pizzas) but I thought it was pretty good. You probably get the equivalent of a little more than 2 slices.

            1. In a pinch, you can do worse than Sal's on Tremont (at West st.) across from the Common. Not to be confused with their full service restaurant around the corner next to the Opera House. The Tremont location is mostly takeout and if nothing else, at peek times they have many different slice options. But comparing that to Otto's quality or anything close would be quite a stretch.