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Jan 13, 2014 04:11 PM

New Northern (?) Chinese Restaurant next to Sea Empress- Gardena

I saw a sign for a place called Huaen Restaurant next to the Sea Empress in Gardena on Redondo Beach blvd. They also had a "Grand Opening" banner up, so I assume that it is new.

The place looked closed yesterday (sunday) and had a rather spartan interior. Menu seems to focus on dumplings, with a picture of a nice looking beef roll in the window as well.

Curious to see how this place turns out once it opens.

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  1. Still not open up despite Grand Opening sign over the sidewalk area.

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    1. re: Chandavkl

      Chandavki -- I've done Sea Empress for weekday lunch dim sum a few times now and like it. It is conveniently located between a couple of major courthouses, so a good place to meet. Service is good -- I like hot chili oil and slivered ginger for my dumplings, and they provide them. Not cheap for dim sum but not expensive and a very nice level of service and accoutrements -- good value.

      You have any opinion?

      1. re: nosh

        It's a good choice for the region. Ironic that when they opened up they implied they were affiliated with Empress Pavilion downtown, which they weren't, which lead to a legal spat. But they ended up being better and lasting longer.

    2. Looked in the window and partially saw the menu. depending upon the dumpling was around 7-8 bucks for 12.

      1. Still not open--AND there's a For Sale sign in the window now.

        1. Apparently it changed hands shortly before opening, without changing name. The menu on the wall that can be seen from outside is both incomplete and inaccurate. They do offer most of the dumplings that are up there and also steamed or pan fried buns, a few standard items like kung pao chicken and broccoli beef, and a hodgepodge of northern Chinese items.

          I was alone so couldn't try much, But had what they referred to as a beef burrito and an order of fried cumin chicken wings. The beef burrito was a mild version of the cilantro beef pancake, and it was okay but not brilliant. For this particular dish I prefer the version at dumpling house down the street. The chicken wings were very much like American fried chicken with a little cumin and spice in the batter and a dusting of cumin on top. This was not what I expected, But it's something I might order again as an appetizer. Neither item had any red pepper heat.

          Server was cheerful and friendly though his English was limited.The interior is spartan but they do have dine in space. I'll be back to try more.