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Jan 13, 2014 02:54 PM

Cheap(er) eats Maui

I am traveling with family to Lahaina Jan. 18-26. There are some great recommendations on here for fancy dinners, and we will definitely hit a couple of those places. Any ideas for great food that is a bit more casual? I see good reviews for Star Noodle. Would appreciate any other ideas. Thanks!

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  1. Are you into eating local food? What about some takeout to keep the cost down? Do you plan on cooking at all?

    Look into Local Food, Ululani's, Okazuya & Deli Honokowai, Ono Tacos, Ohana Tacos, the Honokowai Farmers Market, Leoda's Kitchen & Pie Shop, Honolua General Store, and don't forget the various happy hours available at different restaurants.

    For the fancy dinners I would make reservation ASAP since you are going in only a few days.

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    1. Aloha. .
      Kimo's has a great happy hour in Lahaina.
      Hula Grill and Dukes in Ka'anapali have fab everyday happy hours with feet in the sand, oceanfront..

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        Beach Chick, have you had breakfast at Duke's? Menu looks pretty good and it is within walking distance of a condo we're considering.

        Also I just read that Koa's on Front Street basically serves the exact same menu as Gazebo without the lines. Have you been?

        1. re: kathryn

          Only had happy hour at Duke's from 3-5 daily, which is fun after swimming/snorkeling all day..
          Friends have had their breakfast of ahi benedict and said it was good.
          Sounds like the condo your considering is well located where you can walk and drink to fun places.

          Do you make that NYC to OGG all in one trip or do you stop off in LAX/SAN/SF for a couple of days?
          Hawaiian Air flies direct in about 5+ hours from SAN.
          That's a long flight..


          1. re: Beach Chick

            Mmmm, ahi benedict sounds good.

            Usually we do it all in one day. I've done layovers in LAX the last three times. Going to try JFK-HNL-OGG soon, hopefully!

            1. re: kathryn

              when i lived in nyc, i found better flights out of newark.

              and ahi benedict does sound good. too bad we don't go to maui much.

            2. re: Beach Chick

              How's Hula Grill? Sounds like you like the Barefoot Bar for happy hour, but not a real meal?

              Never really done a TS restaurant since they seem to thrive more on atmosphere than anything else...?

              1. re: kathryn

                Aloha. .
                Been many times through the years for dinner at Hula Grill/Kimo's and Duke's, which are TS restaurants and find that we prefer the fun happy hour scene and then head out elsewhere for dinner.

                It's a good time and great locations with feet in the sand.

                1. re: Beach Chick

                  So basically you're saying the food isn't very good.

                  1. re: kathryn

                    It's good..just prefer spending my $$ on happy hour and apps and moving on to somewhere else for dinner.
                    Hula Grill in Maui is a lot of fun.

                    1. re: kathryn

                      mmmmm - crab mac wontons and the sun setting! I've dined at many of their locations, but never on the formal side.

          2. There isn't much on Maui that is anything other than casual. If you are seeking t-shirt and shorts places - they are everywhere.

            You might consider the Gazebo for breakfast, Mala Ocean Tavern for lunch or dinner, and Okazuya for takeout as starters,

            1. jasonkc99, where did you end up?

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              1. re: kathryn

                Thanks for all the suggestions. They were great, and we had a fantastic trip. I only wish I were still in Maui.

                We ate at a good range of places: Merriman's, Star Noodle, Local Foods, The Fish Market Maui, Mama's Fish House, Mala, Honu, Hula Grill. Pretty much everything was delicious.