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Jan 13, 2014 01:30 PM

Las Olas Blvd. Anywhere worth trying?

We'll be staying in Hollywood and plan to visit Las Olas Blvd. Seems like it's a bit of a tourist trap and I've read that a lot of restaurants are overpriced with poor service and mediocre food. Any recommendations for a nice mid-priced restaurant with good quality food with decent service for dinner?

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  1. Lobster Bar Seagrill is excellent, but pretty expensive. Grille 401 is moderate with good food, as is Tuscan Kitchen.

    1. For mid-priced with nice, trendy, dark atmosphere, lively bar, and good food....take a look at Yolo.

      1. I have found Las Olas is more locals depending on where you go. There are many college kids at the Riverfront area becuase of the cheap drinks. Rok Burger and Tarpon Bend are great places to eat there, though. Las Olas near YOLO, where Debbie mentioned is a little more expensive and then you have the beach which has quite a bit of tourists. They are all a little different depending on your taste.

        1. Touristy? Not really.
          Lobster Bar
          Royal Pig
          Big City Tavern
          Roccos Tacos
          Sweet Nectar

          1. Thanks for all the recommendations. We ended up at Big City tavern, because my husband was drawn by the list of craft beer in the entry way. We had a great meal, including a note worthy crab cake appetizer. All of the other recommended places looked very good too.