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Jan 13, 2014 01:21 PM

chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips??

does anyone else really like to make chocolate chip cookies… but then think they'd be better without the chocolate chips? i'm generally not a big chocolate person and can easily be overwhelmed by too much chocolate in these cookies (unless heated up and served w/vanilla ice cream… COMPLETELY different story).

what would you call such a cookie? other than something like chocolate chipless cookies. i don't know that i'd call them sugar cookies because of the brown sugar. would they be butter cookies?

is there a better recipe for chocolate chipless cookies other than making chocolate chip cookies and omitting the chocolate chips??

anyone else similar to me put something else in these cookies instead of chocolate chips that they really like? peanut butter or butterscotch won't do it for me… maybe i might try toffee bits or caramel nubs. but i still think i prefer just the dough...

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  1. I just call them brown sugar cookies. If you added cinnamon, they'd be snickerdoodles. You might like to add maple syrup and walnuts, cutting back a little on the brown sugar to compensate. Or try white chocolate chips if you can find the real ones with cocoa butter (Trader Joe's holiday item), not just white "baking" chips. White chocolate and sweetened dried cranberries are a great pairing.

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      i'm not a fan of plain nuts in my desserts, but you gave me the idea of pralines. i think that could be good!

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        Speaking of white chocolate and cranberries, the following recipe for brandied cranberry and white chocolate chip cookies from has been my favorite for the past couple of years. As you said greygarious, you need white chocolate chips not those nasty "baking" chips. I have used the Trader Joe's ones when available and also the white chocolate chunks from Whole Foods. Fortunately, I live near a market that sells Guittard white chocolate chips in bins. Those are my favorite!

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          I wouldn't call them snickerdoodles. Cream of tartar is a must in a "true" snickerdoodle.

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            And most snickerdoodle recipes call for white sugar only?

            To me, a snickerdoodle is most like a sugar cookie rolled in cinnamon sugar, rather than a choc chip cookie dough.

        2. The dough IS pretty darned good. It makes a nice cheesecake crust or the bottom of some kind of bar cookies...

          1. Yeah. I have an old recipe for a brown sugar cookie. It's pretty much the Toll House recipe without the chips. It's very tasty. You could put nuts in it.

            1. Cooks Illustrated has a great brown sugar cookie recipe.

              1. You could make a chipless batch and then divide that into a few bowls- try one with sliced almonds or whatever nut you like, one with toffee bits, etc.

                If you leave them plain with no mix ins you could finish the tops with a little raw sugar to add some texture

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                  +1 to the raw sugar

                  I have always made chipless CCCs with at least 1/3 of the dough (I'll just drop it onto sheets prior to adding the chocolate to the remaining dough).

                  My mom always did this for me as a kid. And although I love chocolate now, I still prefer to have one of each.

                  I've turned quite a few friends on to the chipless CCCs too.

                  Lately I will sprinkle a bit of cinnamon-sugar (heavy on the sugar) on top of them after they've flattened a bit in the oven but are still tacky on top.

                  Toffee bits are good (like the chopped Heath bits without the chocolate coating) but can quickly get too sweet/chewy.

                  Cinnamon chips are also good but quickly get too cinnamon-y.

                  I recently bought Cinnamon Flav-r-bites from KAF and love them in everything (especially scones). They are the perfect amount of cinnamonness (like all my cinnamon adjectives?!):

                  Plain chipless CCCs are still my favorite though. Or with some oatmeal or ground oatmeal added for texture.