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Jan 13, 2014 01:18 PM

Brewery type setting needed for 30th bday party

I am desperately looking for a location to have my husband's 30th birthday party- he's a huge craft beer fan I'd really like to have a party with passed hors d'oeuvres and open bar of different style craft beers.
My ideal Place would be something like brickwall Tavern in Asbury but apparently they do not do private parties any longer. Id love to Rent out the tasting room at Kane brewery in Ocean and then bring in my own caterer like Local Smoke to do the food but they also do not rent out their space So I'm really at a loss
Looking at 30-40 people. Open to any & all suggestions!!

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  1. Molly Maguire in Rumson was hosting a private event a month or so ago. They have a decent selection of craft beer, but not sure about their food. At least it is an option.

    1. Do you have to have the place all to yourself? I have three places that come to mind:

      Jack's Long Branch/Maloneys Matawan: Best craft beer selection in our area. Jack's might be able to block off the back area for you guys.

      Harvest Moon New Brunswick: IMO best brewpub in NJ.

      I'll be eagerly awaiting my invitation ;)

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        I second this recommendation for Harvest Moon in New Brunswick. They have an upper floor for private parties.

      2. Your expectation to hopefully rent out one place and have another bring the opposite, i.e., food or beverage is totally unrealistic....but I wish you well.

        You should list some parameters for travel distance. i would recommend Harvest Moon in New Brunswick

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          Im sorry, if my statement seemed confusing - thats not what im ideally looking for - . My first choice is to of course have it in a brewpub type place where both food and drink would be provided. . I would only want that scenario if it was in a brewery type setting such as Kane where they do not serve food. in the case of Kane it's not unrealistic because they are strictly a brewery and serve no food- I'd ideally like to have it in Monmouth/Ocean County area ...thanks

          1. re: stack_c

            Taste in the Galleria in Red Bank has that brewpub feel and decent food. They have a fair beer menu.


        2. Are you familiar with the guys over @ Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands? One of the CH's who frequents this board recommended the place recently and it turned out to be a great night out. You could head to a restaurant afterwards in town or down the highway in Highlands but begin the celebrating at Carton.

          Right now, there's a decent # of rec's on Yelp:

          and this:

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            I would also like to know how much he is into craft beer. You mentioned Kane so it seems he may be more of a beer geek (as am I ;)). If so, I would try Jack's, Maloney's, or Carton as others have suggested. The good thing about the first two and Molly Maguire's is that you get more variety of craft especially at Maloney's and Jack's. I visited Harvest Moon back in the summer and was disappointed. And if you don't like their selection, then you have no alternative choice in terms of other beers. I would say at the very least try some of their beers out before planning the event at harvest moon.

            1. re: HillJ

              That is actually a pretty good idea!

              Lifegeek, I hit Mollys for the first time last night. That is definitely a nice the TVs. I had some kane oatmeal stout....good stuff. The burger was ok. I had the Guinness cheddar burger. For 13.95 I think barnacles blows it out of the water but overall I will be back to try some other things.

              1. re: HillJ

                Yes! Hill J he loves it there - was going to call them too. We just did our list and its 55 people so I'd like to keep it all under one roof if possible!

              2. A couple of years ago I went to a 30th birthday party at Cricket Hill Brewery in Fairlfield. The food was brought in. The party was in the room where they do the brewing, beer was awesome.