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Jan 13, 2014 01:09 PM

Devon: LUnch Today, Avero Bar.italiano

Popped in for a quick lunch in Devon before going to Costco.

Avero Italian Wine Bar had attractive menu choices, and my husband
and I were each very pleased with our lunch. The "lunch pronto", house made pasta or risotto plus choice of salad for $10 was a find:
nice salad with orange and ricotta; but the risotto was wonderful. My first taste of pork belly, which I loved. Quite a dish, with cherry tomatoes and some greens, very tasty, saucy rice. Hubby's mushroom soup was excellent, and he ordered a larger version of the same salad I enjoyed to go with it. Warm 1/2 small loaf of bread, with olive oil/cheese to dip it into. His lunch came to $13.50; and worth it, but mine was quite a bargain as well. Will probably stop in here again, the next time we have a meeting in Devon. Friendly service; relatively quiet.

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  1. Bashful3 just so i am clear .. you at in Devon at the Avero Bar. When I initially saw your post I thought you might have been referring to Devon Seafood Restaurant on 18th street here in Philadelphia.

    Sounds like you had a nice lunch and 10 dollars for lunch these days is a great value.

    1. Yup, cwdonald, I didn't realize there was a Devon Seafood
      place. We were indeed in Devon, at the Avero Bar.
      Which was fun.

      While the Arborio rice didn't quite meet my standards for
      risotto in Italy, ie, not quite al dente, the sauce was most
      ample and tasty. I know they had some sort of short cut,
      because when I make risotto it takes at least 20 minutes,
      and the waitress told me it would only take 10. I'm not complaining, just observing.