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Jan 13, 2014 11:28 AM

Downtown Yonkers Lunch?

My son has off on Wednesday, and we're going to the main post office in downtown Yonkers to get him a new passport. Is there anywhere around there for a fun lunch? Some sort of ethnic something would be fun.

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  1. Just a quick off-topic bit of info that may get deleted (sorry, mods):

    We had an awful time trying to get my son's passport (his childhood one expired and he needed to get a new one for a trip next month) through our local post office in Scarsdale. However, dealing with the County Clerk's office in White Plains was so quick and painless, we were shocked. There was no wait and the clerk we dealt with, Julie, was incredibly thorough and unbelievably friendly. If you encounter any kind of wait in Yonkers, I recommend White Plains. We visited on Friday, January 3 and (using an expediter) got the passport back Friday the 10th.

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      Oh, maybe we should go to White Plains then. Same deal for my son -- he needs an adult passport, though he doesn't need it until March. I'll look into it. Thanks.

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          And then maybe we'll go to Aberdeen for dim sum!

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            After which, you must report back! ;)

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              Oh, we were there before, and we really enjoyed it. My son has been asking to go back, so this could be a good time.

    2. If you do end up staying in Yonkers, chowdom had a few good ethnic suggestions in this thread, like Tacos el Poblano:

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        The taco place looks terrific. Just what I was looking for there.

      2. If you ever make it back to Yonkers, here's the wikipedia page for Getty Square so you can get your bearings.

        I'd highly recommend walking around Van Der Donck Park, where the Saw Mill River was "daylighted" after being under a parking lot for a century. The beautiful signs tell the whole story, and the history of the area.

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          I believe it was being excavated when we were there for his driver's license.