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Jan 13, 2014 11:20 AM

Anchovies -- anyone been lately?

I've never been, and it's been suggested by a friend looking for a fun, casual night out. What say you?

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  1. I'm in there a few times a year. It's basic, solid Italian-American in a dimly lit neighborhood bar with good cheap drinks. The kitchen is pretty good about doing off-menu stuff from the days before Giacomo's next door bought it. Every main comes with an overdressed iceberg-lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes. I like the parms and meatballs.

    1. I have not been there in some time but I always enjoyed it, particularly the littlenecks. Specials were always good. It has staying power in a place with a crowded field. It has late hours, and for this reason a lot of wait staff from area restaurants go there.

      1. I love Anchovies for a multitude of reasons, including sentimental. This was my favorite neighborhood spot to grab a bite and drinks when I first moved to Boston, back in the late 90s. It combines a really dark, unique city atmosphere with great value. I don't make it back as often as I'd like, but remarkably, it hasn't changed that much, even surviving an ownership change intact. I will mourn the day, if it ever comes, when that space is turned into another cookie-cutter upscale restaurant or gastro-pub.

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            I lived around the corner from Anchovies for many years, and still own my old place there. While I lived there I frequently (2-3x mo) dined at Anchovies. My experience is that the excellent atmosphere and neighborhood vibe survived the ownership change intact, however the food did not. While the menu is largely the same, the quality and prep really took a hit. It's fine for a nostalgia trip and a cozy spot for a drink, but I very rarely eat there any more.

          2. So we did in fact end up at Anchovies last night. Loved the down-and-dirty, old school vibe of the place. The food, however, was pretty bad (except for really good parmesan truffle fries). Would go back to sit at the bar and drink and nosh, but am unlikely to return for a full meal.