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Jan 13, 2014 11:17 AM

Individual dips

My sister is hosting a co-ed baby shower in a few weeks and wants me to make some apps similar to ones she saw on Pinterest. The concept is to use a plastic drink cup - the squat ones that flare out from the bottom of the glass -- to serve individual portions of a dip. You take a cup instead of hovering around a communal bowl of dip. The one she saw was a 7 layer dip, but there is no way I'm doing 7 layers in a cup -- I might incorporate some guacamole with other ingredients, however. The other one I thought of was some sort of hummus. Can anyone give me more suggestions as to what might work with this presentation?

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  1. Bottom layer of fluffed cream cheese with basic Guac on top.

    Refried beans thinned with tequila. Nacho cheese sauce from a can on top.

    Thick blue cheese dressing.

    Lipton's onion soup in sour cream.

    Hummus with a layer of roasted pepper and yogurt on top.

    Have bowls of chopped onion, sweet pepper, hot pepper, and crumbled blue cheese so they can garnish their dips as they wish.

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        I do the same riff for Xmas parties and during the summer.

        Boursin cheese piped/spread on bottom.
        Homemade Basil pesto middle.
        Sundried tomatoes in oil pureed for top layer.

        ALWAYS a big hit.
        Tricolore and holiday colors. Win-win.

        Since I make my own black bean refritos, I envision black bean refritos on bottom, scallions and tomatillo salsa or guacamole in middle (and since captured guac will stay green) and sour cream or creama fresca on top. Bottled Hot sauce for those that desire.

        This has me intrigued.

        Good luck.

      2. How about using shot glasses set into straight-sided individual ramekins so you could offer flights of 3-4 different dips. You could use petri dishes, or you might find some decorative plant saucers with perpendicular sides at a garden center. They might not be food-safe but you will only be using them as trays to hold the glasses.

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          I'm trying to keep it as simple as I can. Those sound great, but if I did petri dishes I'd be tempted to do spots of guac to make it look like a green virus.

        2. I saw the same dip presentation on Pinterest. Looks like fun but a lot of work.....having said that how about
          layer of cream cheese topped with cocktail sauce and shrimp
          cream cheese topped with pesto and pine nuts or red peppers.

          1. It sounds like sister wants these to be "pretty" first and foremost.
            Three layers sounds managable and would give you options.
            Ideas, layered from bottom to top:
            - refried beans, chopped scallions, sour cream with onion soup mix, sprinkle of chopped olives
            - hummus, layer of chopped roasted red peppers, top layer of edamame hummus
            -black bean dip, layer chopped tomatoes and green onion, sour cream onion on top