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Jan 13, 2014 09:43 AM

Read the reviews for Haribo's Gummy Bears..................

I don't know if this was an effort by a group of people to post disparaging remarks about this product, but holy cow does it seem like a lot of people have a very similar, and very humorous way to express their displeasure in sugarless Gummy Bears...............

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  1. I LOVED this and had the best laugh from it! "These are Satan's Bears!!" Love it. Note to self: Stick with the regular bears made of good old fashioned sugar!

    1. How did you stumble upon this? Just cruising the Amazon review page?

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        Ironically to another thread we are involved in someone posted it on Facebook. Lol

      2. I love love love Amazon reviews!

        I admit I wrote about 5 for Tuscan milk.

        1. I have to admit that at a charity fudge and candy sale I bought some sugar free gummy bears- they were every bit as good as the sugar gummies. I ate quite a few of them, and a couple of hours later I had to go home because I couldn't do any work for having to run to the bathroom every two minutes. In retrospect I can laugh about it, but I really and truly wondered if I'd make it home- and I only live a couple of miles from work. The next day I told a diabetic coworker about the sugar free gummies, and she said- "Did they perhaps contain SORBITOL???" Indeed they did.
          So I loved the commentary from all the folks on Amazon.