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Chinatown guides?

I've decided to start exploring more of Chinatown. I've seen a lot of posts about individual restaurants from many people here, but I was trying to find a general guide - a few recommended places for each cuisine or something like that. I tried searching but didn't find anything.. Does such a thing exist?

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  1. Your best bet is asking specific questions on this board

    1. Lau, who contributes a lot to this board, maintains a great blog:


      Could be a good jumping off point.

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      1. Here’s a self-guided Chinatown food tour I designed a few years ago that might provide a start:

        General overview:

        I. Cantonese:

        New Branch


        Amazing 66

        Café Hong Kong

        Cha Chan Tang

        Congee Village


        Great New York Noodletown

        Mei Li Wah

        Noodle Village

        Oriental Garden

        Dim Sum Options
        Dim Sum Go Go

        Red Egg

        II. Fujian

        Best Fuzhou Restaurants (Note the Best Fuzhou one on Forsyth Street is now Spicy Henan).

        New Rong Hang

        Fujian operated Homemade, Hand-Pulled Noodle spots

        Food Sing 88 Corp

        III. Henan

        Spicy Henan

        (Spicy Henan is run by Fujian owners who bought the place from the original Henan owner: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/774685).

        IV. Sichuan

        Famous Sichuan

        Old Sichuan

        V. Shanghai


        Shanghai Heping

        Shanghai Café Deluxe

        VI. Xian
        Xian Famous Foods at 67 Bayard St.

        Best Dumplings thread

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          That will keep me busy for a while! Thanks

          1. re: scoopG

            We're heading that way in Feb. This will get a workout. Thanks, SG.

          2. My personal recs from places I've been recently:
            Roast pork over rice--Big Wong
            Soy Sauce Chicken over rice--Big Wong
            Xiao long bao (called tiny buns on the menu)--Nice Green Bo
            Gai mei bao--Manna House Bakery
            Dumpling Noodle Soup (I usually get mei fun noodles)--Bo Ky

            And Lau's posts are great--they are definitely worth a read!

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              Thanks. Yes, Lau's posts are great.

            2. well depends what ure looking for, so a couple things:
              1) types of cuisine: Chinatown is really dominated by Cantonese and Fuzhou food, but there is some shanghainese, a couple sichuan places, one henan place and some other random stuff. You have the greatest breadth for cantonese cuisine. The fuzhou places are either xiao chi places (dumplings, noodle soups, fish balls) or these seafood places which are largely unexplored at least on chowhound.
              2) you're going to need to decide how many people you'll be with because certain places are fine to eat by yourself or with just another person or something, but others specifically alot of the more sitdown places you're really going to want to go with a group of people usually at least 4-5 people because it will be family style

              I'll write something up later for you

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                I will be dining alone (almost always) and it will be lunches rather than dinners (again almost always)

              2. hmm maybe ill just write a formal post on where to eat in chinatown

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                1. re: Lau

                  and update it every 6 months or so. =)
                  I can't wait until the weather gets better so I can take a long lunch trip to Chinatown.

                  1. re: Monica

                    well i actually think once its written, it would be fairly easy to update...the sad truth is not that much opens in chinatown these days that is super exciting (usually its something that closes), but hopefully exciting stuff opens

                    1. re: plf515

                      alright well i guess i should do it then, it shouldn't take me too long

                    2. re: Lau

                      This would be greatly appreciated, to have a list of your recs in one post...if you do it, please include what to order at a given restaurant!

                      1. re: howdini

                        well my posts have what to order, i'm thinking ill create one on my blog then just update sometimes when something worth mentioning is put up

                      2. Today I ate at Bo Ky. I had country duck and mustard greens. Both were quite tasty. I got the idea of the country duck from one of Lau's posts and I added the mustard greens for some vegetables (and I like mustard greens)

                        1. Another plug for Lau's blog, it is great.

                          The postings above are also very informative. At the same time we are trying to branch out more to Flushing. General consensus is that the food is better out there...

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                            thanks, most food is better in flushing thats for sure with the exception of bakeries, congee and cantonese BBQ; everything else is better though and far more breadth of chinese cuisines

                            1. re: Lau

                              Where do you think is the best bbq in flushing? Corner 28? Tasty roast house?

                              1. re: AubWah

                                im not even sure actually, everytime i try bbq in flushing ive been like its just ok...so ive kinda given up, but if you have a rec let me know