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Jan 12, 2014 11:13 PM

Farm raised salmon Whole Foods or Costco

Please advise chowhounds…if one must bend and buy farm raised salmon do you recommend Atlantic King farm raised salmon-from Costco or Whole Foods?

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  1. I haven't had Costco salmon in years but find the Whole Foods farmed salmon to be good (and rather expensive).

    To throw in a third option, quality Japanese markets like Nijiya carry good (well-marbled) farmed salmon at a price point between those two choices (~$10/lb).

    1. There's little if any difference between the two. Buy whichever is cheaper.

      1. I don't recall where Costco farmed salmon is from, but I've been buying the Norwegian salmon from WF. It's getting so hard to buy sustainable fish or seafood of any kind that hasn't been poisoned in some way. No Pacific, no Gulf, no South American or Thailand. Northern Atlantic is the conclusion I come to.

        1. I am a firm subscriber to the 'support your local fisherman' policy, but have heard that Loch Duart from Scotland is supposed to be environmentally best farmed salmon choice. Anybody have taste reports? Or know about environmental claims?

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            That, and another one (I don't recall the name), both carried by Tokyo Fish, are delicious.

          2. I don't know that this would be statistically significant, but I've found worms in WF salmon twice now. I buy salmon from Costco less but have not found worms there.

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              Yikes. I think my fish days are over.