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Jan 12, 2014 10:54 PM

AOC & Tavern

Had birthday dinners at the Goin duo of AOC and Tavern this past week (maybe next year for Lucques). A few thoughts:

-AOC doesn't get nearly enough love as a vegetarian-friendly restaurant. I lean towards the carnivorous end of things, yet in the two times I have been to AOC I've absolutely loved every meat-free dish I've tried. My clear favorites are the farro and the pappardelle, but every vegetarian dish in the place absolutely wows me. I know where I'm taking vegetarian mom for her next birthday.

-Both dining areas are gorgeous in different ways. The outdoor patio at AOC is probably a little more buzzy and "LA" while Tavern's tree atrium (or whatever they call it) is a little more neighborhoody. The conversations at nearby tables at AOC were about plastic surgery, while the ones at the nearby tables at Tavern were about law school.

-The Devil's Chicken at Tavern is still fantastic. For whatever reason, I have a bias against ordering chicken when I go out (probably because making delicious baked chicken on my own is so simple but I digress), but wow was that delicious. The texture and taste make it a joy to eat, and the braised leeks were good too.

-The lamb shank at Tavern is hearty and delicious, though I wish it came with a little more labneh.

Thoroughly enjoyed myself at each place.

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  1. Two of my favorite dishes on the current menu at Tavern (well, those and the triple pork burger) but my wish for the lamb shank was for more of the saffron rice. The portion of rice last time was so small I thought they had left it off the dish but it was just hidden by the shank.

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    1. re: New Trial

      At those prices you should be able to ask for more rice.

      1. re: nosh

        My guess is that they would give you more rice if you requested it.

    2. Brunch at Tavern is really quite good.

      1. Had a great meal at AOC. The grilled peaches, farmers plate and fried oysters were all winners.