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Jan 12, 2014 08:33 PM

Update on Indian in Vancouver?

The most recent thread is good but from 2012:

I'm asking on behalf of an acquaintance visiting from Northern BC who has a craving. Thanks for any thoughts in town (Surrey may be a bit too far).

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  1. Been to Palki in N. Vancouver, 'tho I don't recall when it was as I obviously didn't mention it in your linked thread.

    Dunno if they'd be in to East is East on Main. Personally I find them pricey and the ambiance not my thing (if no Bollywood soaps on the overhead TVs and sweets at the front counter it ain't my type of dig ;-))

    Been curious about Dhoom (Temple of ? LOL) on Fraser every time I walk by.

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Been to Dhoom-walked in/sat down/waited, waited, waited....walked up to the counter shouted Hello into the answer so I left.

      Read about Dosa Corner down @ Fraser & Marine so headed down- just a cafe but great service and the Best Dosa of 2014 some real dab hands working in that kitchen.

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        thanks for the tip on Dosa Corner, I'll go soon..what did you order? I love sambar and am looking forward to it.

    2. Check out Mirichi at 63rd and Granville. Its not the nicest looking place, but the food is absolutely outstanding. They don't have a website so here is the yelp (gasp, sorry) link.

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        1. re: LotusRapper

          Thanks all -- Mirchi sounds like the best bet for this application but I'll keep all tips on hand!

      1. Mirchi is good. At times I've found it a bit oily, but I would still recommend it. Maybe more of a lunch place.
        Since tandoori king burned down, I've been going to tandoori kitchen which is quite good also.

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        1. re: jmil

          I thought mirchi was pretty good..the garlic in the daal I had was clearly burned but I'd go back. Just tried Dosa Corner tonight and really enjoyed it, great recommendation and really nice woman working there too.

          1. re: jmil

            Ah yes the Tandoori name wars (Tandoori King, Tandoori K. King, Tandoori Queen et al). I used to know which was the best but it's been too long.

            1. re: grayelf

              Oh and there's the Original Tandoori Kitchen:


              There can only be one original anything, therefore all other Tandooris are posers ! ;-)

          2. I would recommend Vij's if you are looking for Indian fusion catering to western palates. I still don't think they make their rice nor nan very well but everything else is a head above any other competitor - and prices to match. Every dish is delicious especially their signature Lamb Popsicles (rack of lamb) in a cream and turmeric curry - even my wife, who doesn't like lamb normally, loves this dish. We also love their rice pudding (also available at Rangoli). While I do like Rangoli and go there quite often, the food at Vij's is on a different and better level.

            Mirch Masala - Our family favourite - It's in Surrey so a bit of a drive but we do it because it is well worth the drive. The food is quite heavy and can be overpowering. I like strong flavours so I like it a lot.

            Tasty Indian Bistro - I have heard many good things about them and the reviews are all positive (also in Surrey)

            Original Tandoori Kitchen - This is the same owner as the Tandoori King Chain (brother to the other Tandoori King which burned down recently) - We've had good meals here every time.

            Mirchi - I've also heard good things but have never had time to go there - a friend went recently and said the food was very disappointing and bland.

            Palki - We went here recently and were disappointed - Just okay. Their sister restaurant Sula which is under the same management (and I'm assuming same or similar food) is on the Eater 38. I wouldn't recommend it.

            Super Dhaba (previously Evergreen) - A long time favourite of mine. This place is a small take out restaurant near the Knight Street bridge on Marine Drive.
            Call ahead to order take out. Recommendations are the chili chicken, masala seekh kabab, and their nan. They grill the pieces of meat in their small Tandoor oven before putting them in the curry - this gives the meat that tender texture and delicious grilled flavour.


            One of the best meals I've had in Vancouver is at an the Shree Mahalakshmi Temple. The all vegetarian meal is by donation and is served only after 1:30pm on Sundays. Seriously delicious and an amazing experience to boot.


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            1. re: quddous

              Nice list with some places I haven't heard of.

              I've been going to Vij's since he was on Broadway (anyone else remember? I think it's a donair place now.) It's reliable, especially if you focus on veg plates but sometimes I'm not up for the wait, and I agree it's pretty fusiony.

              I've only had take out from the Palki in N Van. It was decent but nothing earth shattering.

              Super Dhaba very tempting indeed.

              Surrey places a bit too far out for me. One of these days...

              1. re: grayelf

                I remember, GE. Mid '90s .... wife and I went there on the recommendation of a consultant colleague at work who was a friend of Vij. It was where Bawan's is now:


                Place was a shoebox, seated maybe 12-15 tops. Vij was super friendly (and way thinner), always sported this huge grin on his face, an expression like he just ate a cat. I vaguely recall someone also cooked in the back, but it was definitely a 2-person show.

                I remember all his mains were no more than $10 (imagine that !!), and the entree was always placed on one half of the plate, a simple tossed salad on the other half, and down the middle he put a halved papadum standing up, like a wall dividing the two sides.

              2. re: quddous

                Thanks for the Super Dhaba rec.
                We tried it out tonight. Communication over the phone was a bit challenging, and when my wife went to pick up the order she came back with only two dishes instead of three. He was out of daal.
                The food made up for it however. The saag chicken and the vindaloo chicken were both excellent. The Palau rice and naan were great as well. Prices on the high side at $16 for many dishes.
                Looking forward to trying out other items.

              3. No love for Tandori Kona? I'm not an Indian food expert but I think their food is consistently good and not too expensive for Vancouver.

                It can be a little challenging to navigate the menu, and their customers seriously need to learn to wait in line!, and they try strange upselling (like trying to get you to buy things as sides that already come with your dishes) but works awesome for take-out, say, on the way home from Ikea. Location is otherwise kind of a pain unless you live in Richmond. Also suffers from proximity to LA Chicken, which is hard to say no to.

                Wow, that's lots of negatives, but really, it's pretty good, and we often get it on our way home from the border as takeout.

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                1. re: pusherman

                  If we are venturing out to Richmond there is also this place quite close to the Oak St bridge which I like quite a bit.