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Jan 12, 2014 08:15 PM

Sushi (Especially Uni) Near Asilomar?

I will be in Asilomar soon and am looking for a really good sushi place, preferably with great uni, nearish to Asilomar (45 min. drive). I was in the area 10+ years ago and had the sweetest, creamiest uni at some place near a dock (not very helpful, I know) and would love to find a similar place. Hole in the wall or opulent palace, as long as the seafood is fresh would be fantastic.

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  1. Only place near a dock I could think of is Sapporo. Does this look familiar?

    1. Just a note - the uni at most reputable sushi bars in CA will far exceed anything in the middle of the US. Some of the very best uni in the world is sourced from the waters off CA. You might do well to research the best sushi bar in the area, irrespective of where you went last time. It would have good uni.