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Jan 12, 2014 08:05 PM

Basher Cheese- Interesting Article in Jerusalem Post

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      1. Interestingly, work was proceeding as usual on their about-to-open new Emek Refaim store this morning.

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        1. re: almond tree

          Why shouldn't it? It doesn't seem as though they ever claimed everything was kosher, so why shouldn't they just continue on, with the cheese being considered not kosher. Admittedly, if I were a kosher-keeping customer, I might not trust anything in the store, but why should it affect their non-kosher business?

          1. re: queenscook

            I wasn't presuming to make any judgement, just reporting a fact.

            1. re: almond tree

              I was only responding to the word "interestingly," which seemed to imply it was unexpected that they would have proceeded as usual with their new branch. It just doesn't seem unusual at all; they may lose business, but since they never claimed to be totally kosher, there's no reason why this should stop them from opening the new place.

        2. There had been many rumors circulating since last year and earlier, and when my daughter bought cheese there to bring back to me, we were told we should not eat it, my friends there insisting that the rumors were not rumors but fact. And we discarded her cheese, which was of types not available here and which I loved from my days before cheese and wine kashrus. But we never could find anything citing absolute proof. I am glad they finally raided- I feel vindicated.

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          1. re: ganeden

            it is a shame that people take advantage of others like they seemed to.

            1. re: ganeden

              To quote my late (dead almsot 50 years) German High Reform Grandfather:

              The bigger the beard, the bigger the faker..................

              Glad I'm a fleishiges kind of guy

              1. re: bagelman01

                Ha my grandpa says the same.

                I just feel bad for all the people who were uninformed

                1. re: cheesecake17

                  And to quote my ex-mother-in-law (also German but frum):

                  If it has a hechsher on it and it turns out to be treif the sin is on the seller......

                  She grew up in Germany and lived in Palestine/Israel from 1939 on

                  1. re: cheesecake17

                    Because they'll spend the rest of their lives comparing every kosher cheese they eat to the amazing "kosher" cheeses they once bought at Basher, and the marvelous flavor of those remembered cheeses will grow with every retelling, so that no actual, available cheese will ever measure up?

                    1. re: AdinaA

                      That's one reason.

                      But it sucks to be unwillingly duped by someone selling a "kosher" product. I have a friend who avoids all packaged items on Passover because she doesn't know which companies she can "trust." An extreme example...

              2. As someone who used to shop in the Machene Yehuda Basher weekly, this is not a surprise.

                I don't keep kashrut and the majority of local customers were not observant. But I'd see observant appearing groups of tourists taken there all the time. I think that a number of tourists treat the entire shuk as though it operates under one giant certification - but buyer definitely beware. Especially at the restaurants/cafes.