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Jan 12, 2014 07:57 PM

Ready-made pie pastry dough - where ?

I don't want to buy supermarket frozen ones. Does Whole Foods, Urban Fare or other "better" bakeries sell foolproof ones on daily basis (ie: not frozen, or maybe recently frozen) ?

I'M NOT A BAKER so I need all the help I can get to make it to a special event where pies are involved. Thanks !

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  1. there are the refrig ones (rolled up in a long box) - I think they are Pillsbury brand - look near all those other Pillsbury products (buns and cookies) in the refrig of your local supermarket

    the box is blue and long and skinny - I think it's pretty good product esp considering the convenience and messy flour all over your kitchen - and I can make decent pastry but don't do it very often these days.

    1. ps - I think you go to BLI pretty often - so it's very common in the generic supermarkets down there in the Pillsbury section - and it keeps a while in fridge if you're on a pie making bender ; )

      (I speak from experience - I usually get some recipe in my mind and make it repeatedly til I finally feed it to the crows ; )

      1. Thanks GS ! Definitely a good backup. Just wondering if there are other brands, or better yet, made in-house by better bakeries (like pizza dough, for example).

        1. I'm not aware of any shops which sell fresh pastry. Frankly, I don't think that non-frozen pastry would survive some bus trips back home. The key to flaky pastry is the cold bits of fat (butter, lard, etc), which melt during cooking, leaving the air pockets which make the "flakes."
          Gourmet Warehouse has frozen pastry. I use the puff, so haven't really looked for "regular" flaky pastry. Additionally, WF carries frozen pie shells.

          ETA, I have used the Pillsbury branded refrigerated pre-rolled pastry rounds, and found them acceptable in many applications. Have you tried them yet?

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            Thanks Karen .... I shall scope out GW and WF ones !

            I admit never used Pillsbury anything myself, somewhat prejudiced against their quality and contents, perhaps unwarranted. 'Tho I fear of becoming looking like the Dough Boy if I use their products .............