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Four Seasons Restaurant??

We don't live in NYC but visit ~2x/year. We recall some truly wonderful dinners in what must be one of the most iconic dining spaces in the world. We've heard nothing about this restaurant in years. Does it still exist? Is it good?

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  1. Still exists, but haven't read any recent reviews. I have never dined at the Four Seasons.

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      Really a shame that someone doesn't take it over and try to bring it back. The room(s) we're stunning, and in it's heyday, the food was excellent.

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        Their loyal customer base doesn't want it to be "brought back." They brought in a really first-rate, internationally recognized chef a couple of years ago. But their customers didn't like his food, and he lasted only a few months.

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          Agreed. I have a friend whose parents take their family to the Four Seasons every year on Christmas eve. They have been doing this for a million years. They don't want it to change, they like it the way it is.

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            But…is it as good as it was in it's heyday, or has it seriously declined?

    2. Still there.

      I'd be inclined to dine there if they'd let you take a dip in the pool.

      1. I adore the Four Seasons and think the food very good, I like their game dishes. It really is a beautiful room.

        1. Get the duck. It is still really good.

          1. The duck is wonderful - as are all of the old "continental cuisine" standbys (the caviar service is perfect, steak au poivre done with a flair, duck carved tableside, etc.) it just seems old - the cotton candy surprise ending is so old it is new again, but very refined dining -not the buzz or the flash of other NYC institutions (Grenouille, or Luger's) but a very solid very predictable meal with attentive if not a bit gruff service that is well worth trying if you have never been

            1. I am not sure if I dined there in its heyday, but my husband and I took my mother in law there for a birthday some 10 years ago. She was absolutely over the moon (and she was doted upon as a birthday girl) and I and my husband were utterly underwhelmed, although glad to have picked a winner for his mom. I found the Pool Room almost totally uncongenial (I've not a lot of interest in gawking at other people and the pool made the air chilly!). I kept hoping Eddie Murphy would walk in singing "Hot Tub" in his parody of James Brown. But the room is tranquil and good for conversation. I have no recollection of what I ate -- and I can remember some meals I had 20 years ago in NYC in what I consider far more scintillating dining spaces. (I do think the Seagram Building itself is a masterpiece.)

              Frank Bruni reviewed the 4 Seasons 7 years or so ago:

              Yelpers have been more recently

              James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party

              1. I am very tempted to try it again. I have been there 4 times but all were back in the 80's. The food was excellent, the wine list amazing. The present menu seems to have a version of the original dishes plus some more modern dishes. i.e. they now have hamachi sashimi, octopus carpaccio etc.
                Their website is interesting. The furniture , art, history is worth reading about. It was the go-to place for decades.
                I remember having excellent rack of lamb there, and excellent venison.
                It's on my list to check it out in near future.

                1. Its wonderful for what it is - a New York City classic. We go there four times a year, once each season when the look of the dining room changes. The food is excellent, but very traditional. My wife orders crab cakes wherever she goes and she says their's are the best anywhere. Their duck is off the charts. Almost nothing innovative, but that suits us fine. The service is as good as you are going to find anywhere. The only caveat is the price. Quite high, but that is what we expect. The thing I find annoying is that they nickel and dime you to death. For example the last time four of us had dinner there, the cost for WATER was $43.00.

                  1. I went there for lunch last year...but I don't see a reason for visiting unless you have a business meeting in the area. Maybe it's because i went during the day time but I didn't find the pool room so nice. In fact, I thought it needed some updates. Food is somewhat overpriced for what you get and I honestly didn't find anything that tasty other than the pasta with white truffle but I've never had bad white truffle dish.
                    Had their signature cotton candy which was fun and cute but I am not a big fan of showy presentation.
                    If you are into iconic dining space, I thought 21 Club had slightly better food though it's been almost 2 years since I dined there.

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                      How would you update it? It has always been so resolutely Philip Johnson "modern" that it is now something of a joke on itself. Seems to me updating it would be like that ghastly re-do of the PanAm lobby about 25 years ago--leave the original as it is--awful or not--but don't mess with it.

                      As for food, well, FS was always an arrivistes place when I was growing up and the wow'ed 'em. Not that it wasnlt good, just "cute."

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                        You are right. That's their selling point..their so called iconic rooms. i guess it won't stop from attracting people with rather boring palate.

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                        Wow, I didn't realize the 21 Club was still around. Amazing that these places still survive.

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                          It has made quite a few changes to hang in there. Several years ago, when hanging on the ropes, it was rescuedby several "Gee! Let's play Old New York" sorts. And Rush Limbaugh and his brand flocked there when he moved to New York (of course, he also patronized Brennan's in New Orleans...there you are.)

                          It was never in my family's rotation. To "see and be seen"

                      3. We had the $28 lunch at the bar in November. No reservations required there. Lovely food and service. My husband had crispy oysters and an ahi tuna burger. I had the grilled branzino fish and oxtail-farrow-kale soup. We had a side roll with butter. I'd like to go again.

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                          didn't know they had $28 bar menu! I will give that a try. the food you had sounds pretty interesting too.