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Jan 12, 2014 03:55 PM

beer here [Half Time in Mamaroneck]

Was driving through mamaroneck today and saw there was an auction today. As i was leaving-noticed a newly converted warehouse/store at 139 Hoyt. It is called HALF TIME, and they claim to be the world's largest beer store.They are still bringing more beer in and have not had their official opening yet. Looked like a tremendous selection, some interesting sodas too. Of more interest to me- loads of hard ciders including pear. Now if i only really liked beer, i would be all set . Thought you might like to know,however.

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  1. There is a Half time in Poughkeepsie on Route 9. Not only do they have a utterly fantastic choice of beers, you can buy any and every beer as a single. You're very lucky to get their first branch.

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      Yes, Westchester should rejoice! Half Time is wonderful. Glad to hear they are doing well enough to open another branch (wish they could do it in Manhattan...Maybe someday).

      1. re: jayjay

        Yes, Half Time in Pouhkeepsie is great. Haven't been there in more than a dozen years, but they had a great selection, at decent prices.

        1. re: JMF

          Actually, the prices are higher than what I can find in Manhattan, which may seem odd, but they have a bigger selection than any place in Manhattan, and things you can't find anywhere else in a 75-mile radius. I don't mind paying a bit more for the huge selection.

      2. Thanks for posting this. There was an ad in beer advocate recently but I forgot. My husband will want to stop by for sure.

        1. This place is great. We went to stock up before the superbowl. There are at least 2 aisles dedicated to American Craft Beers, an extensive refrigerator, and a large home brew section. There is also a nice selection of European beers and mead. You can also fill growlers, in multiple sized growlers. The prices were standard--about $12 for a six pack of dogfish head 60 min. for example.

          Its a great for Westchester beer aficionados.