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Jan 12, 2014 02:21 PM

Noodle Go Go in Piscataway

This restaurant just came to our attention although it has been open about a year.

Very good food. Very similar to China Bowl in Edison.
We had the 1/4 roast duck, fish + tofu casserole, and hong kong style lo mein with Chinese vegetables and won tons

Not enough seating.
2 booths that seat 4 each
3 round tables that seat 5-6
7 or 8 square tables that seat 2 but can be put together

The male waiter is was not very helpful.

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  1. By your description, the restaurant seats approximately 40. This is typical for a small storefront restaurant.. As for the male waiter not being very helpful, does that mean there was a communication problem due to his lack of command with English? If so, not unusual for any ethnic small family run business.

    At least you enjoyed your meal.

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    1. re: fourunder

      No, it wasn't a communication problem. He had a surly attitude. The women waitstaff were better.

      It is worth a visit for those who haven't been.

    2. I like that place, but have never dined in - always gotten takeout. The noodle soups are really good. They have a house noodle soup with wonton and 3 types of bbq meat - yum!

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      1. re: esjro

        I wish I lived closer. I would be dining there alot more.