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Ideas near Punta Gorda for 60th Anniversary?

SNDG331 Jan 12, 2014 02:15 PM

My parents are celebrating their 60th anniversary at the end of the month. They've had many places they enjoyed in the southeast Florida region but we need a place within an hour's drive (and preferably close) to Punta Gorda worthy of such a celebration.

Traditional steak houses are probably their favorites; good service a must. Soft chairs or a nice booth preferred.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks!

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    RevrendAndy RE: SNDG331 Jan 12, 2014 03:45 PM

    Perfect Caper is THE place in Punta Gorda. It probably leans toward French but is a very nice atmosphere and they do have steak on the menu.

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      SNDG331 RE: RevrendAndy Feb 8, 2014 06:44 PM

      We wound up at the Perfect Caper for our celebration dinner last weekend. The food was all well-prepared, if a little "over described." The service was very lackadaisical by Miami standards of similarly-priced restaurants, but that seems typical of the places we've visited in the Punta Gorda area.

      Overall, it was a nice dining experience, but we'd hope for something more if we should be so lucky to celebrate their 65th or 70th anniversaries.

      Thanks for the recommendation!

    2. LilMsFoodie RE: SNDG331 Jan 14, 2014 07:15 AM

      The Perfect Caper would be perfect for them.

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