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Grist: Nathaniel Johnson "Thought for Food" GMO series

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Six months ago Nathaniel Johnson set off to figure out the GMO debate, vowing to "get past the rhetoric, fully understand the science, and take the high ground in this debate — in the same way that greens have taken the high ground in talking about climate."

This took a lot longer than he expected. At year end he published a bullet point summary of his findings. He presents the research in a clear-eyed and non-hysterical manner. I recommend this for a concise, balanced, science-based look at most of the issues.

". . . this controversy has turned into something resembling trench warfare, where the two sides refuse to agree on anything, lest they give up an inch of their hard-won position. So I don’t expect everyone to agree with the list below, but I do expect that reasonable people on both sides will concede (if only under their breath) that the bulk of the evidence leads to these conclusions."

Then this past week he seemed to wrap up with the conclusion, "None of it matters".

The Salt @ NPR comments on the series here,

Here's a link to all the stories,

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  1. A reasoned position he has taken.

    Everybody will hate him for it.

    Where's the potential for righteous outrage in that position? True believers on either side will refuse to address his points fairly and then go back to whatever extreme they want to advocate.

    He is probably right, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    But that's no fun. Lets argue.