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Jan 12, 2014 12:23 PM

Different ways to enjoy olive oil

My mom got me a fabulous Christmas gift of some delicious infused olive oils. I pretty much want to DRINK them.. so besides dipping some bread or topping off a salad, are there any other excuses for me to ingest my new oils? Thanks!

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  1. They'd also be great on sandwiches, or used to dress grains or pasta after cooking. Couscous with dried fruit, pine nuts, and herbed olive oil, for example.

    1. Used for "pa amb oli" - the Mallorcan classic bread and oil. Best as it is but pretty good when you have "stuff" with it.

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        Loved this respose.
        Good olive oil is nice when tossed with pasta.
        Wonderful oil is great sopped up with crusty bread.
        Superlative oil is sucked off the fingers.

      2. People bake using olive oil instead of butter in cakes, cookies, breads, and crackers; a concept that I find repellent, but à chacun, son goût.

        1. I love the olive oil from Rancho Olivos in the Santa Ynez valley. On their website, they have recipes and examples of how to use their oils....and they have some great flavors, too. They say you can pretty much use olive oil in place of butter in almost everything. And, when you buy fresh olive oil instead of oil with lots of preservatives, you can cook with it and not worry about high heat. It hold up fine!

          1. I prefer to use flavored olive oils as a finishing oil vs for cooking.
            Salad dressing is an obvious one
            Drizzled ontop of individual soup bowls as serving
            On roasted or steamed veggies and potatoes
            Mixed with ricotta or plain greek yogurt for a dip
            Drizzled on savory oatmeal