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Jan 12, 2014 12:18 PM

Where are You Going for Chinese New Year?

and what are you particularly looking forward to? Will C'town be crazy and knee deep in firecracker papers? thx!

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  1. I'm hoping to get back to Jo Jo Taipei where we had an excellent dinner a couple of years ago, and then to Grace Garden for a special dinner organized by some Baltimore hounds.

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      We (Andy Tannenbaum, Sam Lipoff, and I) did get back to JJT. Their menu is much the same as it was two years ago. (I missed last year--if anyone has a photo of that menu, please send it to me.)

      This means you can get the wonderful rabbit and swamp eel dishes. Be warned that the "roasted tofu pie" is actually wheat gluten, and not a pie.

      This year we had the Beijing duck, which I enjoyed, but not more than I enjoy a good roast or smoked duck. We also had the "pine favored smoked chicken" which was delicious, and studded with some kind of peppercorn we couldn't identify. It had the fruity aspect of huajiao, and the peppercorns did seem to split open to reveal a black seed, but I didn't notice any numbing effect.

      Photos and menus at

    2. Just got a special Year of the Horse dinner notice from Myers and Chang. Only 1 seating so you know spots are limited. Menu looks good. And if you know M+C, you know it will be festive! Feb 3rd,Mon. $88 , 5 courses + bevs.

      1. Lao Sichuan (known as Sichuan Gourmet to some) has a few CNY specials, as well as a couple of fabulous specials that have been on the wall for a few years, namely the Chengdu street style barbecue, and the chicken with black pepper, onion, and shredded peapods which are in the pictures.

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          hmmm i was at billerica last night and didnt see any cny specials.. They did have a special menu/sheet that they have had for a few years now

        2. We enjoyed Mandarin Reading with another couple on Friday night. There is a special New Year's Menu, in addition to the regular menu. The "Derby Cup" from the New Year's menu was everyone's favorite.

          They are also offering a buffet, as well as lion dancing in the parking lot, at two occasions next Saturday(you will need a reservation for lunch).

          I have been to Chinatown for Chinese New Year, it is a fun and festive time - with A LOT of firecrackers, that's for sure.

          Mandarin Reading