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Jan 12, 2014 10:24 AM

Tablets, smart phones and apps in the Kitchen

Anyone use a Tablet computer (or smart phone) in the kitchen for recipes or other apps?

I have used my android tablet a couple of times to refer to web page recipes and cook from it. I have e-cookbooks on the tablet and have used the tablet to refer to some of those recipes, also, while cooking. I must admit, however, a recipe printed on a single 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper is easier to use.

So far, I haven't found any apps to use in the kitchen.

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  1. I bring up a recipe on my tablet sometimes. If it's something I think I'll use again, I have it printed.

    1. i've used my laptop in the kitchen over the years. I once exploded port sauce out of the blender on keep it away from my work area now when I do use it.

      My husband keeps some recipes on Evernote on his Ipad and we'll use that as well. Same thing. Well away from where we are working.

      My middle aged eyes don't like doing much on my phone if I can avoid it.

      1. Yes, I've been using my iPad with macgourmet since the iPad came out, before that I was using it on my iPhone.

        1. Sounds dangerous. I've lost a few to liquidy environments.

          1. I use an iPad and Pepperplate, and any other electronic sources available to me such as Epicurious. I cook in a couple of different kitchens, and it's really helpful to be able to generate shopping lists and have all the recipes I need in a single package. The shopping lists transfer automatically to an iPod Touch, which I agree is too small to cook from. If there is danger of spillage, I put the iPad in a ziplock bag.

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              I should add that I've acquired several cookbooks on my iPad that some idiot decided should take up in paper a square yard when open for use.