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Jan 12, 2014 09:56 AM

Can someone explain these measures?

Thanks! I am interested in some china from Europe, and the website gives this info:

Teacup c. 2,4 dl
Small cup c.1,8 dl
Bowl c.3,2 dl
Plate diam. 16 cm

I'm not sure what the numbers and the abbreviation "dl" mean.
Website here

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  1. dl = decileter = 0.1 liter

    1 decileter = 0.422 cups

    2,4 --> 2.4

    2.4 decileters = 1.01 cups

    1. dl is deciliters (or tenths of a liter). 1 US oz is about .3 dl; and 1dl is about 3.4 oz. So a 2.4 dl teacup is about 8 oz.

      cm is centimeters. 2.54 cm = 1 inch.

      1. dl is a unit of volume it means decilitre or one tenth of a litre.
        This link will convert it to ounces.

        1. Unless you are using Imperial ounces.

          1. I like metric when it sticks to grams. Using these units makes it as bad as the old bad U.S. measurement system.

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              How could one use grams to describe volume? These are cups and a bowl an plate. The volume and diameter are far more important than the weight?

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                It is easy to convert between grams (of water) and volume - 1 gm of water = 1 ml (or cc). Technically you have to specify the purity and temperature of the water, but home cooks can ignore those details.